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Thread: Morning Reads: 23 February 2007

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    Morning Reads: 23 February 2007

    The motorcycling world viewed from the saddle of a BMW. A daily look at all things BMW, Euro-bike, products and things I find interesting on the internet. With links to news, reviews, events, riding skills, maintenance and racing series updates. Morning Reads is a one stop shop for motorcycling information.

    Todays Birthdays / Calendar

    BMW MOA Chartered Club:

    BMW Riders Of Toledo, #16


    Jim Hale (
    4051 Balduf Rd.
    Port Clinton, OH 43452 US

    2nd Tuesday of each month 7:30pm or go to website for information

    Spring Campout, Harrison Lake, May 21-22
    Summer Campout, East Harbor, August 21-22

    Gem??tlichkeit is the warm, comfortable feeling
    one receives from pleasant surroundings and atmosphere.
    I think you will find that when you come here.

    Leinenkugel Brewery, Chippewa Falls

    Ozaukee Washington Daily News

    Fond Du Lac Reporter

    The Sheboygan Press

    Daily Citizen, Beaver Dam


    West Bend WI

    10 Day Forcast

    United States
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    Meteorological Service of Canada

    Travel Information Driving Conditions and other related information sites.

    News: Machinist at Harley ratify new contract. ǣWe have a contract Ride naked or clothed BMWs F800 tourer on test New Ducati Scrambler Lehman powered by Victory Picture a one-wheeled H-D running on nitros.

    Competition for BMW XǪ from Husqvarna : Trading privacy for low insurance rates in Britian.


    Bikes in the Fast Lane: Secure Motorcycle Backpack? A mixed review of a product labeled ǣFor Motorcyclist.

    Photography: Canon to release the worlds fastest digital SLR.

    Technology: : The Map Network: Easy Interactive Maps for Travelers


    I have trouble folding laundry, look at Robert J. Lang can do with paper

    The Future of Xerox inkless printer. A new take on the promise of the paperless office and perhaps the paperless ON. A racist by any name still smells.


    Todays Woot

    The Blog

    Over Heard in New York | Voice of the City

    Bike Candy:

    BMW R67

    MR Traveler
    A growing list of links to use for trip planning and on the road.
    PM me with links that you have found useful and think should be listed.
    PM me with things that you would like me to try and find.

    Alaskan Marine Highway System

    The 2007 Maine travel planning guide is now available at Or register here for an electronic version.

    FOOD : Custard stands listed by state.

    Winery locator by State within the USA.. From : This is the site of the Sterns, authors of the original Road Food book. The site features a restaurant of the day and more.][/url] : Maps and Guides - Who doesn't love a free map or travel brochure? Take your pick below. You can download them for instant fulfillment. Or have us mail honest-to-goodness printed versions right to your door. Sunday Morning Rides an interactive community portal for motorcycle riders to access, explore, plan, and share motorcycle tracks via a sophisticated ride mapping system that combines GPS, geographic information systems, database, and Google mapping technologies. is dedicated to opening a window on the motorcycling opportunities available in this great state and sharing their riding experiences with you. : Ride Guide. Reader driven information so the listings will vary by area.

    BMW MOA Two resources not to be overlooked.
    Camping with information on packing, planning, the basics, gear, places and tips of all kinds.

    Global Touring with Court Fisher : covering Touring in North America, Europe and beyond. Canadian Maps Road Atlases, Street Guides, Folding Maps and more. : radio station search engine

    A growing messy list of links; I am cleaning up loose ends and it is messy. Alaska Road Traveler Information Service. Great Lakes Cirle Tour Information. : Mileage Slaves has a variety of resources for you. ǣYour one-stop resource for great motorcycle roads. California Motorcycle Roads This site has gone subscription but is worth the entry fee. Aspiring to be the pashnit version of all of the US and Europe.

    Off the Road : Your Guide to New Mexico Main Streets.

    GERMANY : Route planer for Germany. Maps

    Continental Divide Trail Information Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Continental Divide Trail Alliance
    [url=]continental Divide Trail Society Map of the Continental Divide Trail and Travel Ontario Motorcycle Rides : Find a Zip. Zip codes are used by many travel related internet tools. If you dont know the Zip Code they are worthless. Find a Zip will help solve that problem. Travel plans for Canada? Postal Code Lookup is the tool.

    Canadian Border Services Agency : Traveling to Canada this summer? Welcome to the FIMs Internation Touring site.
    The AMA site has organized a lot of useful information that can be accessed using these links. Thank you AMA. For now I feel no need to reinvent this wheel. Trip planning information including :
    Weather websites | Mapping sites | State Tourism bureaus|
    Toll- free hotel numbers | Campgrounds | Nationwide dealer locator : Local AMA race | event locator tool.

    Internet Caf? Directories
    No one directory will deliver all that is available on any subject. Here are three links to start you off before you wade through millions returns on of a search engine will generate for you.

    Internet-caf? - Here is an Internet cafe directory of cybercafes in the U.S. Yahoos directory to Canadian internet caf?s.

    Wifi Hotspots The Starbucks store locator. Not an endorsement but they seem ubiquitous.

    Libraries often are excellent sources for internet access. There are too many to list but for the 2007 National Rally in West Bend:
    West Bend Community Memorial Library: Home page
    :West Bend Community Meorial Library: Acceptable Internet Use Policy.

    Map Sources : Motor Adventure Destination Maps interactive topo maps Best Scenic Drives in Wisconsin

    TOURS China : Overland Expedition Resources : An adventure travel resource for all kinds of information. Steel Pony Motorcycle Tours of Spain.

    The Pit Crew View: Racing Series 2007
    The Pit Crew View has links to many racing series schedules and more.
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    All things BMW

    BMW Group Press Club:
    Tracking the news from BMW at their English language sites and Germany

    PressClub Canada

    The BMW Group at the 77th International Auto-Salon in Geneva 2007

    Note: This release contains information specific to the European Market.
    Munich, Germany. BMW is continuing its model offensive. With attractive new features and fascinating technical innovations BMW will be attracting attention on the global car markets in 2007, too.

    At the 77th International Auto-Salon in Geneva from the 8th to the 18th March 2007 (press days: 6th / 7th March 2007), visitors will have the opportunity to closely examine a whole range of innovations before the start of production and in addition will have a chance to take a look into the future.

    BMW is taking advantage of the most important annual motor show on the European continent to launch a variety of world premieres and to present a spectacular concept study.

    The latest innovations in the drive and chassis sector as well as advanced driver assistance systems will be exhibited. The current engine range highlights once again the great progress achieved in the area of efficient dynamics which has been BMWs development focus for a long time. The consistent application of this principle leads to the fact that the new models presented at the international Auto-Salon not only offer the highest level of driving dynamics in their respective competitive class, but also the best fuel consumption and emissions ratings.

    The new BMW 5 Series and new BMW 1 Series will be presented to the public for the first time at the International Auto-Salon 2007. With a sophisticated design, an extensively upgraded interior, the innovative advanced driver assistance systems, lane departure warning and active cruise control with a Stop & Go function as well as a thoroughly renewed engine range, the new BMW 5 Series sedan and the BMW 5 Series Touring are also raising the standards once again in their segments. In the case of the new 6-cylinder engines with 2nd-generation direct fuel injection, the effects of applying the efficient dynamics principle become especially apparent.

    The BMW 523i and BMW 530i models have both increased output by 10kW combined with considerably lower fuel consumption and 15 percent lower CO2 emissions compared to the respective predecessor model. The new BMW 1 Series, still the only compact model with rear wheel drive, will also be presented in a three-door body variant for the first time.

    The new version of the BMW 1 Series combines fascinating driving fun with further improved efficiency and exemplary emissions ratings. Under the hood there are the newly developed 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines which herald a new dimension of efficient dynamics. In the new, 130 kW BMW 120d, CO2 emissions have been reduced to 129 g/km and in the new 105 kW BMW 118d they have been lowered to only 123 g/km.

    Auto-Salon in Geneva is also a showplace for the world premiere of the new BMW M5 Touring, which combines superior driving dynamics and the highest level of variability in a unique way.

    Besides the new models, a variety of innovations are also in the limelight in Geneva, which give Sheer Driving Pleasure a new character that is quite distinctive. The newly developed 4-cylinder petrol and diesel engines are heralding a new dimension of efficient dynamics. With the active cruise control that includes a Stop & Go function for the new BMW 5 Series, the Rear Vision camera system presented for the first time with the new BMW X5 as well as the chassis systems DynamicDrive and active steering, the BMW Group is also documenting its outstanding innovativeness in Geneva

    PressClub Australia


    The new BMWs 3 Series Coup? is a sales success and a winner with the critics.
    On sale since October 2006, BMW has sold 729 of the new generation model, with its hyper-performance Twin Turbo straight six engine the driving force behind its show-vroom appeal.

    The all new E92 generation Coup? also finished on the podium in the annual WHEELS Car of the Year judging, the top imported car, and top luxury car overall.

    Electrifying acceleration from the silken-smooth 225 KW motor has propelled the 335i, and its 323i and 323i six-pot siblings even further ahead of its closest rival in the heads and hearts of compact luxury sport coup? buyers in Australia.

    In the past ten years, the E36 and E46 generation BMW 3 Series Coup?s have been overwhelmingly successful in the market, offering a heady mix of six-cylinder smoothness, agility and power.

    In the E36 generation, a feisty four-cylinder motorsport tuned engine also enthralled buyers, but with the advent of the E46 in 1999, the 3 Series Coup? became a six-cylinder-only model, emphasizing its premium market credentials.

    From the start of 1997 to the end of 2006, BMW sold 11,470 3 Series Coup? models, compared with 6,938 of its closest rivals, a lead of more than 65 percent. In some years the BMW outsold its rival by more than 3 to one. These figures do not take into account the track-bred M3 supercoup?.

    The powerful appeal of the 3 Series Coup? is enduring. No better example can be found than in the year when its closest rival was renewed (in 2003) and all-but tripled its 2002 sales. But even then, the BMW 3 Series Coup? was still a mighty 10 percent more popular with buyers.

    Of the models sold globally and in Australia the 325i is the most popular model, although the 320d turbo-diesel powered coup? is the most popular model in Europe, demonstrating the high level of performance and driving excitement BMW diesel engines provide.

    In addition to performance, most BMW coup? buyers covet the cars sporty design. Most drivers are sporty, high-achieving, car-loving males in their late 40s.

    PressClub Germany

    Prominent technology authority meets automobile authority

    Munich/Kaiserslautern, Saarbruecken and Bremen. The BMWS Group research and technology and the German research center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) agreed upon today a long-term co-operation. Artificial intelligence - thus the automation of intelligent behavior - plays a crucial role in the "car of the future" according to estimate of the future partners. The DFKI - 1988 as non-profit GmbH for basis and application orientated research based - is prominent world-wide in the area of artificial intelligence. "This participation represents a further milestone in the establishment of our world-wide technology and partner network", says professor Raymond Freymann, director/conductor of the BMWS Group research and technology. "the DFKI is because of its large authority within the ranges of the information technologies as well as the man-machine interface an ideal research partner for future developments within the automobile range. In addition the DFKI with its considerable partners is a excellent turntable, around spreading research projects to initiate ", closes Freymann." prominent technology authority meets automobile authority - thus we can carry out the entire creation of value chain of the innovation in Germany from the creative idea to the world-wide marketable product ", supplement professor Wolfgang Wahlster, chairman of the management of the DFKI.

    An important role with the common future projects about plays the InterNet of the future and its meaning for the mobile use. An important question thereby are semantic technologies for content wise communication between vehicles and the traffic infrastructure. In addition together multimodal communication interfaces for Fahrerassistenzsysteme of the next generation are to be developed, which all senses of the driver include and consider also its current maximum stress in the context of the driving conditions

    Further emphasis of co-operation is round intelligent environments, the support of the mobility in an aging society as well as safety technology for the protection of the IT infrastructure around the vehicle. Project contents are also agent technologies so mentioned, which can transfer vehicle IT most different tasks in the future in that. Angedacht are for example systems, which configure themselves, to repair and decisions make can, up to virtual front seat passengers or, Avataren ', which interact if necessary directly with the driver.
    Co-operation will take place over bilateral or publicly promoted projects. An exchange of diploma, graduate students as well as guest scientists is intended. The research daughter of the BMWS Group continues to expand thereby the world-wide co-operation field with universities, research institutes and industrial enterprises in Europe.

    The BMWS research and technology GmbH a hundred percent daughter of the BMWS AG is answered for and since 2003 the research topics with the BMW Group: VehicleTechnology (vehicle technology), CleanEnergy (hydrogen technology), EfficientDynamics (intelligent energy management/alternative of drives), ConnectedDrive (Fahrerassistenz/Aktive security) and ITDrive (IT- and communication technology). The legal self-sufficiency as GmbH guarantees free space and a maximum at flexibility. An internationally established network secures a world-wide entrance to trends and technologies with the bases Palo Alto (the USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Sophia Antipolis (Frankreich)

    The German research center for artificial intelligence (DFKI GmbH) with seat in Kaiserslautern, Saarbruecken and Bremen is the prominent in the area of innovative software technologies economic research establishment in Germany. Up-to-date more than 240 coworkers from 42 nations at application orientated software solutions research. The financing volume lay in 2006 over 21 millions euro. 1988 of considerable German enterprises of the information technology and two large-scale-research facilities as non-profit GmbH based, developed the DFKI GmbH in the meantime to the world-wide largest center for intelligent software technologies. Success: 49 professors and professor inside from the own rows and 46 spin off enterprise with more than 1000 highly-qualified

    Translation assisted by

    PressClub Mexico

    Emotion and speed in the first "Track Day 2007" of BMW Motorrad100 motorcyclists had the opportunity to prove new 800 motorcycles BMW F S, F 800 ST, R 1200 R, R 1200 GS, R 1200 RT, and R 1200 S.

    Mexico, 22 of February of 2007. BMW Motorrad Mexico informed that a success was everything its first Track Day of the year. The facilities of Centro Dina'mico Pegaso (CDP) the past received 18 of February to more than 100 enthusiastic motorcyclists BMW - and of other marks that besides to make tests in track, they had the opportunity to make skill exercises, to take a clinic from handling and to top it all to prove 800 motorcycles BMW F S, F 800 ST, R 1200 R, R 1200 GS, R 1200 RT, and R 1200 S.Las activities initiated from early and for comfort of the users matutinal and vespertine turns through the page were programmed ahead of time Depending on the ability and experience of handling of each person, he was that they divided themselves in groups of 10 and 20 members, so that all could enjoy the pleasure to lead motorcycles BMW in the pista.Durante the day, the participants enjoyed a familiar, full atmosphere of emotions and primicias, because the enthusiastic ones of the motociclismo had the opportunity to know the new G 650 Xs Challenge, that will send the next month of March. He is possible to stand out that all the tests were made with the highest safety measures, since this is a very important aspect for BMW Motorrad.
    Between the motorcycles that the assistants could enjoy in track are sport F 800 S and the F 800 ST, two motos that emphasize by their capacity of recovery and under use. The rest of models BMW R 1200 R, R 1200 GS, R 1200 RT, and R 1200 S, that were proven in track, stands out by their aesthetic and great elasticity. At high speeds, they remove to shine the qualities of its optimized and aerodynamic design. All the motorcycles proven in track allow a very precise conduction, in addition that they faithfully maintain the line drawn up by the pilot, which gives like very manageable result one moto. The Track Days of BMW Motorrad will continue being carried out in different cities of the Mexican Republic. In that sense Alexander Echeagaray, Manager of BMW Motorrad commented: "For us the security of our motorcyclists is very important, and in this type of events we counted on the support of certified pilots who help to that our clients have more confidence in their handling, to the time who enjoy the adrenalin and the pleasure to drive a motorcycle BMW".

    Translation assisted by

    Motorsports PressClub

    Test in Bahrain.

    22nd February 24th February 2007
    Day one Thursday

    Weather conditions: sunny all day
    Temperatures: Air: 22/24??C, Track: 23/34??C

    Number of cars participating: 16

    Fastest lap overall: 1:31.766 min, Felipe Massa, Scuderia Ferrari

    Sebastian Vettel:
    Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.07-04 / BMW P86/7 V8
    Test kilometres today: 325 km (60 laps)
    Fastest lap: 1:32.652 min

    Nick Heidfeld:
    Chassis / engine: BMW Sauber F1.07-02 / BMW P86/7 V8
    Test kilometres today: 103 km (19 laps)
    Fastest lap: 1:32.810 min

    After a lot of rain and low temperatures during the recent tests in Spain, luckily in Bahrain the F1 teams were welcomed with dry and warm weather conditions. The two three day tests are the final ones before the season starts.

    Today both drivers started in the morning working on a baseline setup for the F1.07 for the Bahrain circuit, where the third Grand Prix of the season is going to take place on April 15. Several drivers spun on the sandy track and caused a couple of red flags. The BMW Sauber F1 Team drivers suffered no such incidents, but Heidfeld could not complete his programme due to technical problems. Vettels F1.07, meanwhile, ran trouble free. His programme in the afternoon was tyre comparisons, testing new aero parts and work on the traction control.

    What comes next:
    For tomorrow and Saturday Robert Kubica will take over from Vettel to join Heidfeld. In the morning Kubica has to set up his car as it will be his first day of testing in Bahrain. For Heidfeld some aerodynamic tests are scheduled. In the afternoon the team plans to carry out a race simulation with both cars.


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