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    Anyone know what happened to the SpeedTV website? It hasn't worked for a few weeks now. I've found it very useful in past years for their schedule of when roadraces will be broadcast. Anyone know where else to find this schedule? Thanks. Race season is around the corner!!

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    They figured since it was now "All Nascar, All the Time," interspersed with a few "Lifestyler" programs, there wasn't any point.

    I'm thinking less than 10% of Nascar fans own a computer anyway, so I can kind of see their point.

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    It works OK for me. WSB from Qatar next Tues at 12 and 1 for race 1 and 2. Got fresh batteries in the Tivo remote for the coming season. I'm ready for race season - I can only watch so many Motocross Files.
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