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Thread: Sheep Herder Biker

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    Quote Originally Posted by tourunigo View Post
    ... This picture needs a caption of some sort or maybe the beginning of a story line so I thought I'd throw it out for consideration. -Bob
    "Coming up next, NBC's Dateline 'To Catch A Predator" series investigates shocking behavior just discovered now taking place on our streets"
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    Quote Originally Posted by hondarider View Post
    Paco's town had many men and very few women...the competition for female companionship was fierce...but Paco was a he ALWAYS had a date on Friday night
    ... (fast forward to the morning after) Miss Ewe, experiencing a Saturday morning rethink about dating Paco, proceeded to abandon all that she was told about staying on the pegs "no matter what", attempts to dismount. - Bob (sorry about the pun....I couldn't help it)
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