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Thread: Morning Reads: 21 February 2007

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    Morning Reads: 21 February 2007

    The motorcycling world viewed from the saddle of a BMW. A daily look at all things BMW, Euro-bike, products and things I find interesting on the internet. With links to news, reviews, events, riding skills, maintenance and racing series updates. Morning Reads is a one stop shop for motorcycling information.

    Today‘«÷s Birthdays / Calendar

    BMW MOA Chartered Club: has a piece on a site called the local insider. The piece centers around the idea that ‘«£A local friend is the best resource one can have when visiting a foreign country.‘«ō One of the reasons to feature a Chartered Club of the day is to remind ourselves that the club websites and contacts can be made through the chartered clubs can provide local insider information when we are riding to a new to us part of the country.

    club: Finger Lakes BMW Club, #25
    founded: 12/1/1972
    contact: Chuck Winterberger (
    30 Gravel Hill Lane
    Honeoye Falls, NY 14472-9022 US

    meetings: 2nd Wednesday at 7:30 PM, various locations, see club web site
    events: Finger Lakes BMW Rally, Watkins Glen State Park, Labor Day Weekend

    Gem??tlichkeit is the warm, comfortable feeling
    one receives from pleasant surroundings and atmosphere.
    I think you will find that when you come here.

    New Glarus Brewing Company

    Ozaukee ‘«Ű Washington Daily News

    Fond Du Lac Reporter

    The Sheboygan Press

    Daily Citizen, Beaver Dam


    West Bend WI

    10 Day Forcast

    United States
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

    Meteorological Service of Canada

    Travel Information ‘«Ű Driving Conditions and other related information sites.

    News: : The big red H announces management changes. : Honda‘«÷s 2007 motorsports highlights. : The Navigator that lost its way. : announces details of 2007 MG Cup Contingency Program. : KTM X-Bow Geneva Preview.

    Beer News: Tote-a-Keg. Enough said.


    In my wonderings today I cam across the Dirty Car Art website again. These artists go WAY beyond artfully scrawling wash me on a dirty car. They use dirty car windows as canvases for there transient art form.


    Motorcycle campers are always looking for items that have a dual purpose. Coming in May the caplight could be worth adding to your water bottle. has an extensive report from the 2007 Power Sports Expo held this past weekend in Indianapolis.

    Photography -Video:

    DPS continues its discussion of digital black and white this week with 5 Black and White Photography Tips


    I am going to blame it on the spring like weather. I am referring to my more than normal distracted wonderings that have bordered on aimless wanderings of late. The cause of today‘«÷s distraction did return me to a BMW concept vehicle but started here with another three wheeler. reports that the production version of the Carver will debut at the Geneva Auto Show.

    The Carver does show up on the Geneva Auto Show website in the list of vehicles scheduled to premier at the 77th iteration of the show scheduled to start its eleven day run on March 8th. To find the Carver you need to scroll through the pictures under the PREMIERES caption, but it is there.

    The Carver has been over 14 years in the making. In the early 90‘«÷s a Dutchman, Anton van den Brink founded a company to look into ‘«£slender comfort vehicles‘«ō that would half the dimensions of a normal car. Studies had shown 90% of the vehicles on the road were occupied by one or two people. Unlike other companies such as SMART Car, which settled on a very compacted four wheeled vehicle, Brink landed on all three wheels. The tilting body was developed to add fun and overcome the inherent tendency of three wheeled to hick a wheel in the corners.

    By 2003 the design had been finalized and a batch of 24 Carvers was built. Some were sold and others were featured on various news shows and magazines. I recently posted a video of BBC‘«÷s Top Gear‘«÷s show of the Carver.

    During the intervening time dealerships have been setup and preparation for the production Carver have been put in place. The first production run will be a limited run of 500 vehicles. Car Scoop and other similar sites suggest the Carver will be coming to North America. In the past that has been code for Canada but not the US. The spec page takes time to note that non-North American models are not certified for use in North America. Time will tell. For now when you follow the dealer links to find a North American dealer you end up at a page that first asks if you want to buy one, then if you would like to invest.

    Thank you but no. All of my Investment capital is tied up in my Roadster for now.

    In all the excitement another tilting three wheeler, the VentureOne, has been getting electronic ink. As described in, the VentureOne is a hybrid and or full electric version from the makers of the Carver. With a much more radical (if that is possible) body the concept drawings are much edgier. At various times in its history Carver prototypes were powered by BMW engines. The current Carver information makes no mention of BMW in any way. VentureOne on the other hand lists both Carver and BMW Design Works USA as strategic partners. No production dates or real prototype are evident to date.

    The BMW C.L.E.V.E.R. should not be confused with either the Carver or the VentureOne; even if it is a three wheeled tilting slender vehicle. From the outset it was intended to be developed as an urban, low emissions vehicle. The current version centers around a 230cc single cylinder natural gas engine.

    The CLEVER design was initiated by the Technical University of Berlin and partially funded by the EU Commission. The project has developed and impressive list of partners in addition to BMW AG.

    BMW brought a great deal of experience in addition to any that may be speculated that it derived from work with VentureOne and Carver. The 1950‘«÷s saw BMW heavily involved in the alternative vehicle market with its BMW Isetta and they have been followed over the years by several three wheeled concept vehicles from the BMW designers. The vehicle itself is centered on a ridged 360 degree frame and a plastic body. This harkens back to the BMW C1 and the experience from that project. Working prototypes have been built and the chassis/body have undergone sled crash testing.

    Will the CLEVER ever see production? If you are buying the coffee I will be happy to speculate with you. German auto magazines had the CLEVER going into production by 2005. The continued involvement of BMW in the development of the VentureOne and the CLEVER project would indicate they see value in the project idea. Gas prices are on the rise again so hope springs eternal.

    The experience that BMW had with the C1 may delay the Roundel from appearing to quickly on the CLEVER and in turn prevent them from showing up in BMW dealers. For now I would expect that BMW AG is more than willing to let Carver and VentureOne take the lead on establishing the regulations to certify such vehicles before it commits in a major way to producing the CLEVER. Until then we will have to be satisfied with looking at crash test videos and pictures.


    Todays Woot

    The Blog

    Over Heard in New York | Voice of the City

    Bike Candy:

    BMW R24

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    All Things BMW

    BMW Group Press Club:

    PressClub USA


    Six action-packed viral videos featuring young Hollywood talent to debut over the next month
    New York, NY - February 17, 2007... Following a number of mysterious appearances on movie screens and billboards across the country, today MINI USA finally offered an answer to the burning question: Who are "Hammer and Coop"?! MINI USA officially unveiled the project - a highly stylized series of web-based films about a new action hero ("Hammer") and his souped-up sidekick ("Coop") ‘«Ű on the website Each webisode promises action, adventure and intrigue, and is sure to keep online audiences riveted to their computer screens. All six films, which will be rolled-out over the next month, were directed by Todd Phillips (Old School, Starsky and Hutch) and starring actor Bryan Callen.

    The first two ‘«£webisodes‘«ō of the viral series debuted online today to coincide with the launch of the new 2007 MINI. Over the next month, the following four will be released ‘«Ű in addition to a mock music video for Asia‘«÷s ‘«£Heat of the Moment,‘«ō a popular 80s song featured in the last webisode of the series. All of the films were approached with the same level of enthusiasm as any Hollywood endeavor ‘«Ű hiring a cast and crew of over 70 people, including top actors, a world-famous director, and professional stunt men. From February 22 through March 23, cinema trailers will be showing in nearly 1900 theaters nationwide.

    ‘«£MINI is so much more than a brand; it is a lifestyle,‘«ō said Jim McDowell, Vice President of MINI USA. ‘«£MINI enthusiasts embody the same sense of creativity, passion, fun, and lust for life that went into the making of these films. MINI owners are also a highly interactive online community, so we are looking forward to the reaction from people around the country, who will undoubtedly enjoy these films and share them with friends.‘«ō

    The nationwide campaign also includes an array of unique and fun creative components. In addition to the visually engaging billboards that will be unveiled in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City, the creative team of Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners (MINI USA‘«÷s ad agency) has worked with MINI to create movie posters, print ads, a MySpace page, YouTube strategy, and a number of fun accessories for purchase online ‘«Ű including iron-on logos for tee-shirts, vintage lunchboxes, and gear inspired by the series.

    ‘«£Working with MINI USA allows us to stretch creatively and expand on concepts that other, more conservative companies might shy away from,‘«ō said John Butler, Executive Creative Director and Founding Partner at Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners, MINI USA's ad agency. "The result is always very fun and interactive - in a nutshell, very MINI.‘«ō

    The ‘«£Hammer and Coop‘«ō campaign also involves groundbreaking media partnerships, including a Rolling Stone flip-issue due to hit newsstands in early March. The magazine‘«÷s first-ever flip-issue will feature ‘«£Hammer & Coop‘«ō on both the back and front cover, in addition to 10 full-color pages within the magazine. The March issues of popular men‘«÷s magazines MAXIM, Stuff, and Blender will feature ‘«£Hammer and Coop‘«ō in an 8-page fashion spread, styled and shot by world-famous fashion director Stan Williams ‘«Ű and in addition, Premiere magazine has also created a faux cover for their March issue, including 5 pages of editorial coverage written and designed by magazine staff. And for the first time in the magazine‘«÷s history, Men‘«÷s Health will integrate the campaign into their highly-read monthly workout poster.

    ‘«£For the next six weeks, as the webisodes launch and more of the plot is revealed, audiences will get to know the real story behind Hammer and Coop,‘«ō said Trudy Hardy, Marketing Manager for MINI USA. ‘«£The goal is to effectively engage consumers in the brand by offering an ongoing, interactive dialogue that will keep them coming back for more and interested in future MINI projects.‘«ō

    The campaign will also have a prominent place in the viral community, leveraging unique partnerships with digital media in addition to print and broadcast. Starting this month, ‘«£Hammer and Coop‘«ō will have a solid presence on popular online sites Second Life, MySpace and YouTube. The characters will be incorporated into Second Life‘«÷s ‘«£online society‘«ō on March 15, the trailer and video components will be available on YouTube after February 20, and a custom profile has been created for ‘«£Hammer & Coop‘«ō on the popular social networking site MySpace. In addition, advertising content will be available on podcasts and mobile phones (through iPod Infuse and Mobile Video on Demand).

    PressClub Germany
    14 million euro invest the BMWS Group into their Diesel development center in Steyr.

    Extension measures support research and development activities at the BMW location Steyr.

    The BMWS Group operates in Steyr/Oberoesterreich not only its largest engine work, but also all research and development activities for BMW diesel engines. More than 400 engineers and technician work here on innovations and on the advancement of most modern diesel engine technology. Since establishment of the work in the year 1979 in development and production altogether approximately 3.5 billion euro at the location Steyr was invested

    Already in the year 2001 the development center at the BMW location in Steyr/Oberoesterreich was noticeably extended. Between spring 2007 and December 2008 a recent development takes place with a Gesamtinvest from 14 million euro. The emphasis is thereby on the extension of the vehicle measuring technique and the function routining scopes during simultaneous relaxation of the office surface situation. "the extension permits a process orientated infrastructure and office concept with outstanding conditions of work for our coworkers and Dienstleister." Fritz Steinparzer, director/conductor of the diesel engine development of the BMWS Group says.

    The Diesel became with BMW a remarkable Erfolgsstory. Like that with a diesel engine in the previous year already more than all new BMW of automobiles was world-wide equipped 40 per cent. Beyond that the BMWS will offer its just as efficient to Group in the process of the yearly 2008 as dynamic Diesel engines also in the USA.

    Already several times the innovation strength of the BMWS of Diesel engines with the international "engine OF the Year" Award was confirmed. In the previous year, already for the second time in consequence, the BMW 3,0l 6-Zylinder twin turbo Diesel was distinguished last with the desired price.

    As all propulsion variants the BMW Group of automobiles shows for example also in the BMW Einser in the spring the new 4-Zylinder diesel engine coming on the market impressively the basic understanding of the BMWS Group for "efficient dynamics". In the BMW 118d the engine carries and develops a torque of 300 Nm with only 4,7l average consumption for 143 HP out on 100 kilometers. That is a reduction of the fuel consumption around 16 per cent in relation to the predecessor model.

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    MR Traveler

    A growing list of links to use for trip planning and on the road.
    PM me with links that you have found useful and think should be listed.
    PM me with things that you would like me to try and find.

    The 2007 Maine travel planning guide is now available at Or register here for an electronic version.

    FOOD : Custard stands listed by state.

    Winery locator by State within the USA.. From : This is the site of the Sterns, authors of the original Road Food book. The site features a restaurant of the day and more.][/url] : Maps and Guides - Who doesn't love a free map or travel brochure? Take your pick below. You can download them for instant fulfillment. Or have us mail honest-to-goodness printed versions right to your door. Sunday Morning Rides an interactive community portal for motorcycle riders to access, explore, plan, and share motorcycle tracks via a sophisticated ride mapping system that combines GPS, geographic information systems, database, and Google mapping technologies. is dedicated to opening a window on the motorcycling opportunities available in this great state and sharing their riding experiences with you. : Ride Guide. Reader driven information so the listings will vary by area.

    BMW MOA ‘«Ű Two resources not to be overlooked.
    Camping with information on packing, planning, the basics, gear, places and tips of all kinds.

    Global Touring with Court Fisher : covering Touring in North America, Europe and beyond. Canadian Maps ‘«ŰRoad Atlases, Street Guides, Folding Maps and more. : radio station search engine

    A growing messy list of links; I am cleaning up loose ends and it is messy. Alaska Road Traveler Information Service. Great Lakes Cirle Tour Information. : Mileage Slaves has a variety of resources for you. ‘«£Your one-stop resource for great motorcycle roads.‘«ō California Motorcycle Roads ‘«Ű This site has gone subscription but is worth the entry fee. Aspiring to be the pashnit version of all of the US and Europe.

    Off the Road : Your Guide to New Mexico Main Streets.

    GERMANY : Route planer for Germany. Maps

    Continental Divide Trail Information Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. Continental Divide Trail Alliance
    [url=]continental Divide Trail Society Map of the Continental Divide Trail and Travel Ontario Motorcycle Rides : Find a Zip. Zip codes are used by many travel related internet tools. If you don‘«÷t know the Zip Code they are worthless. Find a Zip will help solve that problem. Travel plans for Canada? Postal Code Lookup is the tool.

    Canadian Boarder Serves Agency : Traveling to Canada this summer? Welcome to the FIM‘«÷s Internation Touring site.
    The AMA site has organized a lot of useful information that can be accessed using these links. Thank you AMA. For now I feel no need to reinvent this wheel. Trip planning information including :
    Weather websites | Mapping sites | State Tourism bureaus|
    Toll- free hotel numbers | Campgrounds | Nationwide dealer locator : Local AMA race | event locator tool.

    Internet Caf?ģ Directories
    No one directory will deliver all that is available on any subject. Here are three links to start you off before you wade through millions returns on of a search engine will generate for you.

    Internet-caf?ģ - Here is an Internet cafe directory of cybercafes in the U.S. Yahoo‘«÷s directory to Canadian internet caf?ģs.

    Wifi Hotspots The Starbucks store locator. Not an endorsement but they seem ubiquitous.

    Libraries often are excellent sources for internet access. There are too many to list but for the 2007 National Rally in West Bend:
    West Bend Community Memorial Library: Home page
    :West Bend Community Meorial Library: Acceptable Internet Use Policy.

    Map Sources : Motor Adventure Destination Maps interactive topo maps Best Scenic Drives in Wisconsin

    TOURS China : Overland Expedition Resources : An adventure travel resource for all kinds of information. Steel Pony Motorcycle Tours of Spain.

    The Pit Crew View: Racing Series 2007
    The Pit Crew View has links to many racing series schedules and more.
    Last updated 13 February 2007


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    Thinking about spring and getting out to find some new views and venues? Sure! But what to pack in that small camera case?

    Good link here.

    And while you are there sign up for their FREE weekly photographic mailings.

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