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Thread: Garmin and USB

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    Question Garmin and USB

    Howdy all-

    I have a GPS-V and am happy with it. I just upgraded the laptop to something from this century. However it does not have a RS-232/Serial port.

    I know that there are cables for Garmin that do this; cheapeswt I found was $60. So my question are:

    1) Does any one know of a less expensive premade cable?
    2) Do the USB to Serial PDA adapters work with GPS V and MapSource 5?


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    Yes the PDA adapters work fine. I use one made by I-Concepts that I bought at Staples. It was cheaper than the Garmin adapter, and what I also liked about it is that it has only about 6" of cable. The Garmin and other adapters have 3-4' of cable, much more than needed since the GPS cables are allready that long. These cables will allow you to connect your GPS to USB, but you will still only have serial speeds for you data transfer. I use the adapter to connect to my laptop for tranfering waypoint and route and track data only. It takes way to long to move 32M of map data to the cards that way. I have the USB card programmer to program the cards for use with my StreetPilot, but your GPS V with the built in memory is limited to serial transfer speeds no matter what.
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    i use this...

    i use this for my PDA:

    and ive used it with other serial devices. thats the point - serial is serial, and USB is USB.

    i froogled the mfg p/n and found it for $35. it's listed for $39 at

    good luck.

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