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Thread: Emergency tire plug kits

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    tire pumps

    Quote Originally Posted by Alcan5k View Post
    what about tire pumps? any good for backup?
    I hope you are not asking about those miserable manual bicycle type things that used to come on the frame rails of earlier / machines. They would eventually work after about 700 strokes (of the pump and maybe one or two of the pumpee)! There are many other options available from small electrical pumps that are powered off your bike battery to pumps that can screw into a cyclinder, use no electricity, and can quickly reinflate a tire. The piston acts as the compressor pump, but a valve permits only fresh outside air to enter the tire, not a combustible mixture from the cyclinder.

    Some people have mentioned high volume, dual action mountain bicycle pumps in the past as a completely mechanical alternative.

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    Stop n Go

    I have seen the stop n go used 4 times. All 4 failed within 50 miles. Each plug was cut by the cords and leaked (one completely). The one that completely failed was mine. On the dirt road to Labrador.

    I had a cheap gooey strip kit from a truck stop with rubber cement as a back up. It worked for the next 6000 miles. I have used this method on nail holes on 4 different tires between mine and riding buddies. No failures.

    I will never use Stop N Go again.

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    My CL came with one in the toolkit, complete with 4 cartridges.

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    Hey guys and gals,
    I was in the new CABELA store yesterday and bought an air compressor for my RT. That wasn't the reason that I went there but I stumbled onto it. I have been wanting to buy the cycle pump which is advertised in the ON but just didn't get around to doing so. This pump cost 35 bucks and fits under my rear seat just like it was made for it. It doesn't have a BMW plug but that would be easy to fix if needed. My last bike(04RT) would need the BMW plug but the 07 RT has the battery under the front seat. So I can use the supplied battery clips with the compressor.

    It was a good buy if it works. I hope I never have to find out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LennyB View Post
    Bob's BMW sells a Sparrow Mini-Compressor for $29.95 (2005 catalog), 5 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" wide, little over a pound with built in gauge, 11 1/2' power cord with on/off switch. Seems like a good price.
    YUP. Got that pump. At Bob's. Have used it several times (to tweak up tire pressure while on a road trip). I modified the case and cut off the plastic that holds the cord. Had to disassemble the case and dremel off the extra. But it takes up less room and I wrap the cord around the outside. I also shortened the power cord to about 10 feet from what seemed like 20 feet on the original.

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