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Thread: shipping your camping gear to Charleston

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    Question shipping your camping gear to Charleston

    Isn't there usually an address provided for those who wish to ship their camping gear into the rally?

    I did this at Rhinebeck with great success.

    Put everything in a big rubbermaid container and shipped it right to the rally site.

    Didn't have to haul anything but some undies and my tooth brush.
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    Michael Friedle

    You can ship goods to the Rally rather than carry all your gear on the bike if you wish. The shipping address is Charleston Civic Center, ATTN: BMW MOA Rally, (Your Name), 200 Civic Center Drive, Charleston, WV 25301.

    Shipped goods are NOT to arrive sooner than 7 July 03.

    There will be a vendor at the Civic Center to ship goods and any purchases you might make at the Rally, or around the area, home for you.
    Ride fast safely

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