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Thread: Professional MC Trainers - WANTED!

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    Beginning with the January 2007 issue of the BMW 'Owners News' (ON), the BMW MOA Foundation is sponsoring a new feature in the ON entitled "MotoSafe," a monthly discussion of safer motorcycling techniques, skills and mental strategies. The column will feature specific articles from professional motorcycle trainers, including MSF-Certified RiderCoaches, trainers certified by other professional-standards organizaiton such as states or provinces that do not use the MSF cirriculum, military trainers, professional school operators, motor-officers and others who hold credentials that qualify them to speak with authority to safer motorcycling issues and matters; the latter could include traffic engineers, motorcycle-design professionals and so forth.

    MotoSafe is looking for submissions for the monthly feature from these qualified members. Submissions should focus on a specific technique, skill or strategy that can help riders better understand what it takes to ride more safely, with less stress, and fewer close calls.

    Please write to me for Submission Guidelines and additional information at:

    Roger Wiles
    MotoSafe, BMW MOA Foundation
    9223 Hill St, Blairsville GA 30512

    The BMW MOA Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Public Educational Foundation dedicated to helping the motorcycling community at large. Check
    out the website at:
    Roger Wiles
    706.897.8266 24/7 Wireless

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    Roger, I guess that excludes me. Unfortunately I have no state or federally funded qualification so to speak of, regarding motorcycle safety. I guess experience doesn‘«÷t count much when it comes right down to it. Having the time to attend training and take a test is one of my constraints in a busy life. Something I‘«÷m working on, but time is just not something I have to get the qualifications you are looking for. Shame actually, only in America do we put so much emphasis on paperwork and documentation to have authority on anything that many "experts" and ‘«£almost, Champions" get sidelined or their opinions excused as hearsay. (Yeah, but your still a loser ).

    I think maybe a better approach would be for ‘«ˇanyone‘«÷ with experience on a certain subject to submit through yourself an article regarding ‘«£Safety and Skills‘«ō and you can vet the article for facts and procedures to make sure it doesn‘«÷t violate known principles.

    I‘«÷m not trying to put anyone down, but paying the money and attending the training classes to get MSF or State licensure really doesn‘«÷t mean much more than taking the time to learn what everyone else is doing and teaching that to someone who doesn‘«÷t know better. Again, I‘«÷m not trying to put someone down or be negative. It‘«÷s just that I know a few MSF instructors that got their MC license/endorsement less than a year before and decided to become a ‘«£Rider Coach‘«ō for the money. It happens.

    I‘«÷m not about teaching someone a bad habit even if sometimes that bad habit will save your life.

    In life you can teach someone three things:

    Principles, Techniques, and Tactics

    The only one you cannot change is the ‘«£Principles‘«ō of fact. (Running head-on into a brick wall at 100-mph will kill you no matter what protection you choose.) Techniques and tactics change as information, tools, and environments change. Do you want to limit your tool-box to only ideas from ‘«£Snap-On‘«ō or would you like the trusty rusty adjustable wrench to be in there too?

    ‘«£No championship winning motorcycle racer ever got to the top of the podium on skill alone‘«ō and some of the best racers‘«÷ in the world wouldn‘«÷t survive a day in L.A. traffic.

    Just asking‘«™


    (P.S. I do have completion certificates from both Rick Johnson and Jim Gibson Motocross schools and have won an amateur championship in the AMA District #27 as well as ‘«ˇRunner-up‘«÷ and several class wins during a short motocross pastime in life. Everything I learned on the street over the last 30-years ((including three good crashes)) I learned from experience.)
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