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Thread: Other bikes at Rally

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    Other bikes at Rally

    I have a friend from high school who I will be hooking up with in July during my trip east. He is currently riding a GoldWing and having him at the rally would really make my trip. What is the scoop on other bike brands at the rally? Maybe we could convert him to the dark side. This will be my first national rally and this subject has probably been discussed before.

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    Other brands are welcome. See discussion here.
    Gail Hatch
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    other bikes

    Simply stated, the BMW MOA International Rallies are open to all BMW riders and their guests. You don't even need to be a BMW MOA member to attend, much less ride a BMW motorcycle, but we will do our best to make it very easy for you and/or your friend to join the BMW MOA family.

    See you in Wisconsin.

    Ride fast safely

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    I hate to have to make this report, but your friend will likely encounter an asshat or two. One of my friends who rides a Kawi went to Lima with me. While we weren't looking some arrogant bastard stuck an old, krinkly tank emblem right on the middle of his windshield.

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    other bikes

    My brother's been to 2 nationals and a couple of regional rallies with me, on his old pounder GL 1000 and later, on a Concours. We never heard one negative comment at any of them.

    Our neighbours at Redmond even pulled his bike apart to find an undiagnosable electrical fault which my brother had by-passed with a single wire switched by a household electrical switch. They found it in about 15 minutes.

    I haven't met any asshats at any rally I've attended, but with 40,000 members, there have to some out there.


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    Quote Originally Posted by woodnsteel View Post
    I hate to have to make this report, but your friend will likely encounter an asshat or two...
    Make that highly unlikely by my experience. I've had 2 friends come with me to the MOA rally. One on a Gold Wing, the other on a Triumph Sprint ST. Both were welcomed with open arms. I'm sure encounters like the one above are very rare.

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    Every rally I have every been to the motto is any kind especially those with two wheels!

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    other bikes

    As my Slash5 wasn't feeling so good, I ended up riding my utility bike (a 1994 Honda CB1000 set up with hard bags) to the '06 National Rally. I did not have a single negative response to the bike and even got some fun conversation points with it (prototype for the transverse K-bike engine? ). I did have a picture of my Slash5 with me though...

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    I've got to believe that most BMW owners have owned other marquees in their lives...real riders don't judge you by the bike you ride...that's a tactic usually reserved for the johnny-come-lately chrome and leather posers who hope that owning the latest and greatest will buy them some street generally doesn't work...I wouldn't worry about the ass-hats.

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