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    ON Magazine online

    I thought it would be cool to be able to access the ON Magazine online. Not to replace the printed version sent to me. Hopefully to make it easier for a more updated flea market. Especially to look up the tips or how to articles as a back reference. Right now I'm thinking of doing the shift upgrade. I do not save my old magazines, do to space and my wife's wishes,(maybe others are in the same situation). I thought it would be nice to look up the info. If you use the computer to print the magazine, it may be an easy down load onto the net. Maybe Visian presented this but I couldn't really tell because of all the deletion, so if this is redundant or a sore subject, my apologies in advance.

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    I believe there will be a day when past articles (especially tech) will be archived on-line. If I was going to look into my proverbial crystal ball I would say there is a reasonable chance of this happening in 04.

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