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Thread: Advice on Insurance

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    Advice on Insurance

    I plan to visit the US, buy a bike, and use it during many visits - leaving it with friends whan I return to Ireland.

    An enquiry to the BMWMOA insurers got the reply that they do not insure riders licensed outside the US.

    Can anyone suggest how I might get insurance?

    There are many attractive bikes advertised in the Owners News. But I don't know yet whether I will buy a bike from a dealer or privately and I want to have the general approach sorted before I cross the ocean.

    John O'Kane

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    From this BMW MOA website,, page down to "MOTORCYCLE INSURANCE"; you'll find a list of links to specialized insurance brokers who handle situations like yours. This list is primarily for those bringing their own bikes over to North America, but these brokers will also help if you are riding a US purchased/ registered bike on a UK license.

    Court Fisher

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    Thank You

    Thanks, Court. I will follow up this link.

    John O'Kane

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    I lent my R80RT to some Italian friends this past summer to tour the US for three weeks. When I asked my insurance agent how they could procure insurance to use my bike, he said that they were covered under my policies as long as they had International Drivers Licenses. Maybe you could offer a bike swap to another MOA member?
    Jon Diaz
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