After finding out that the 07 R1200 series bikes will require an oil change at 600 miles, I decided to change my 05 "permanent" oil now, at 20K miles, just in case.

Here are the steps:

1. Remove the fender (GS models only).

2. Remove the rear wheel.

3. Unbolt the Brake Caliper and hang it with some wire to the frame.

4. Remove the rear speed sensor, both screws and the clip, and hang it with the brake caliper.

5. Remove oil drain plug, and drain off the oil.

6. Release the paralink at the rear and support the final drive with a strap (it's now flopped down, with the fill plug at the bottom) I didn't do this; I just held it in place for a couple minutes. The drive shaft comes out easily, but you may need to push it down a bit to get it to relaese.

7. Clean the drive shaft and FD input shaft, then add Moly 60, or equivalent lube, to the shaft and splines.