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Thread: RT Footpeg Lowering Kit

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    RT Footpeg Lowering Kit

    I have a 2000 R1100RT and was curious if anyone has had experience with driver's footpeg lowering kit installs and if the benefits outweigh the costs and installation hassles. On long trips I get soreness in my knees that I'm trying to alleviate. Any feedback is appreciated including recommended brands.... issues to consider, etc..

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    Ilium footboards are great. They lower your foot position and give you many ways to move yoiur foot around. I had the same knee problems. They are very expensive but in time you will feel they are worth it. Also, try raising your seat a little or riding on a pad. A&S BMW sell them on the net or you can buy them direct.

    Some type of cruising pegs would also help to give you another position to alternate to. Good Luck.

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    Takes it all

    I have a 2000 R1100RT with lowered pegs, highway pegs, handlebar adjusters, and modified seat. I like them all. I will tell you after GILLETTE if they work. I also wear a back support.

    Link to Details

    I have heard the boards are great but are in the way when you are trying to place your feet on the ground, which is already difficult for people less than 6 feet tall.
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    Thumbs up Surbaban Machinery lowering kit

    I put these on my 2000 RT for two reasons. 1. I couldn't get my toe under the shift lever. 2. My hips would seize up occasionally with the regular pegs.

    I've been very happy with the extended leg room. They cost $172 at A&S Motorcycles. Installing the first took me about 40 minutes. The second about 10. (learning curve and all that) It helps to have a third hand available to install the springs.

    I've been happy with them, my gimpy knees don't give me any pain so far.

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    I have the very similar footpeg lowers on my Rockster. It was actually no hassle at all to install it and everything on me feels better. I have yet to scrape them.

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