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Thread: New tires for '88 R100GS

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    New tires for '88 R100GS

    I've just acquired this bike, and haven't any experience with the GS-type yet. The tires are Michelin, and have good tread left, but they're old and have hardened. I'd be interested in advice about a street-oriented tire, with handling more important than longevity. Also, if you've had good experience with a dealer - Tire Rack? Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse? Thanks for the help.

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    I have some friends that swear by Southwest Mototire.
    Dave Swider
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    SW Moto Tire
    And Metzler Tourances are great tires for the GS.


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    R100GS tires

    I would really try and find the Avon AM24 Gripsters if you can still find them. Avon discontinued them for a while and then brought them back. The are an excellent all-around tire for the GS (AIRHEAD). Very Sticky on-road, decent offroad. If you want a more dirt oriented tire, go for the Continental TKC80. If you want a more road'ish tire that the AM24 then the Metzelers aren't bad but they're not as sticky as the Gripsters.
    SWMoto Tires is the place to try first. Best prices, excellent delivery.
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    '92 R100 GS tires

    I am currently running a set of AVON Distanzias. They are very versatile. They are very suitable for my riding which includes a mix of about 60/40 paved roads/gravel roads. They are not very knobby if you want to grt really off road in mud,etc. I have been very satisfied. I have around 5000 miles on them and probably have 2000 miles left.

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    For an Oilhead GS, I would recommend Metzler Tourances, as the best all around tire ---90% pavement and 10% road.

    Those folks, like Dave said, at SW Mototire in NM are great!

    Safe riding,

    Steve Terrien

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    Metzler Tourance

    I have the Tourance on my 88 R100PD and find them as good on the PD as they are on the Oilhead GS.

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