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Thread: summer gor-tex boots?

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    summer gore-tex boots

    I just wear thin polypro socks in mine. They're not bad then in hot weather.


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    Thumbs up polypro sox

    ...well yeah, ok, but ya gotta spend an hour slammed on the Kennedy in rush-hour traffic, practising your slow-riding skills to know what really sweaty feet are.

    ..all so that at night I can ride home at 80. takes about 14 minutes to do the reverse trip.
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    I wear my BMW Goretex boots year round, changing sock weight as needed, in winter also adding a pair of silk liners. works good enough for me. When I comute home on a hot summer day I'm wearing hard armor under my BMW summer weight jacket and pants so I'm hot enough that I don't feel my feet anymore than any other part of me. Good luck finding what works for you.

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    My Oxtar Matrix boots don't feel hot. Tromped all over Moab last June and never noticed a thing. Very comfortable for riding and walking.


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