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Thread: Minnesota to Nova Scotia

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    Quote Originally Posted by 37071 View Post
    If you have time; a small extention from the route shown by M1ka would take you around Gaspe. Route 132 on the south shore of the StLawrence river is wonderfully scenic. There is a succession ridges with bays in between, and fishing villages on the bays.
    I agree. This was one of the most enjoyable stretch of road on my Maritimes' trip last summer. Also, check out the university & college residences; very reasonably priced accomodation. Have fun!
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    I agree the Gaspe is wonderful. I did not include it in the trip described in my map because I did it in a trip some years ago and wanted to cover some new ground.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abosit View Post
    Well, you do the Alaska trip this year and we do the Newfoundland rout this year.
    Next year you do the NS and we do Alaska. In the winter 2007-2008 we can swap info about our experiences.
    We are close to the Twinn Cities. How about that!
    OK. You have a deal.

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    You guys are amaizing

    All this info is so helpful. Your post BLUWING is helping more than one rider Guess what I am going to do this weekend,
    .......layout the map and look at my trip on paper.......that is half of the fun.

    Have any of you checked out Google earth. You can fly over the area and now they have a lot of pictures from the places. Some places have good definition others not so much.

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