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Thread: VIAMICHELIN Navigation X-930 Portable In Vehicle GPS System

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    I looked at a bunch of them for a while and kept coming back to the 276. Something about a marine unit made me feel more comfortable about keeping it out in the elements. It sat in the rain and sun outside my office all last summer and then for hours in pouring rain on a couple of long days - no problems with it. No fancy touch screen or nothing, but really how much button pushing do you want to do at speed any way??


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    A friend of mine is riding his bike in S. America right now and has a 276. He has dumped his bike a time or two but everything is still working fine. Check out his site as he rides for a good cause as well.

    What I like about this Garmin is the bigger screen and fast mapdrawing. I can also use all my memory cards from my SPIII....I guess I talked myself into one......

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