Im wanting to ride out there from SF, im looking to take US 50 for the most part. Im on a 1973 r60/5 so the interstate is a little more difficult.

At present im going it alone but as it get closer to the time im sure more will come out of the woodwork.


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I have not yet decided whether or not I'm going to the big rally this summer, but today I took a ride of a couple hundred miles with a friend who recently bought a 2007 K1200GT and he brought up the rally and showed some interest which got me reconsidering making the trip.

Are any other folks from the Los Angeles area going to Wisconsin for the rally this summer?

What route are you taking?

How many days do you plan to travel there?

Are you traveling by bike?

Are you traveling w/ other riders?

Would you care for more company?

I think I would be more inclined to go with a group of riders, but I got an old airhead (1973 R75/5) and won't be able to travel at break-neck speed like some of y'all. I'm no slow-poke though and if you're keeping the speeds below 90mph I can keep up.

Also my budget won't allow for the fine dining and 5-star hotels that many of the people who can afford new BMW's might partake in. In other words I'm poor, but not a mooch.

C'mon, twist my arm.