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Thread: New Guy, Two Questions

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    I have yet to be able to work moto-specific boots into my budget. I'm that oddball Beemerphile who's relatively poor. Two years ago I go tmyself a pair of Hitec Magnum boots and my experience has been pretty much along the lines of Ed Miller's Kodiaks. They do lace up though so I prevent caught laces by wrapping the laces around the tops until there's just enough left to tie, and then I tuck the bows and ends into the tops. But the time and effort of lacing and unlacing is making me consider a zip-kit for them. I had minimal shifter-wear and the boots are quite comfy to walk in- i broke them in by wearing them on the job back when I worked 12-hour shifts in which I was constantly on my feet (doing mainframe computer ops).
    They are also quite lightweight and are mostly Cordura above the ankle. They are waterproof and contain both Sympatex and Drilex. I've never been cold in them, not even when riding through cold rain in Colorado. I wear an 11 or 12 depending on maker and I have not trouble getting under the shifter with these despite the bulky sole.
    The Magnums are holding up very well and I got them for $92 at an outdoors store in a mall.
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    Flip up helmet noise

    I have an Arai Quantum/f and an HJC Symax, a flip up. The HJC is noticeably quieter than the Arai. But the fit and finish of the Arai is better.

    The Arai has a much more snug and compliant liner, while the HJC is more firm with less padding. The HJC also seems to get scratched and scuffed very easy with a white undercoat showing thru the black.

    On the head at speeds somewhat above legal limit, the Arai is solid. The HJC tends to be pushed back on my head a tad and gets less comfortable.

    But the HJC is the one I usually wear as I wear sunglasses and getting them on inside the Arai is a beeyatch. And the one handed flip up is very nice to talk while your pumping gas, yada yada.

    HJC costs about 2/3rd of the Arai.

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    I'm going against all the previous boot responses.

    I wear a good quality (Vasque) pair of mid to heavy duty hiking boots. I love them and wouldn't have it any other way.

    Mine have Gor-tex liner and are 100% waterproof. The leather is thick and pretty heavy duty. They are tall, so they come up over the ankle. They are oh-so-comfortable for walking/hiking around in. They fit fine over/under the shifter and under the carbs. They are extremely durable. I don't ever have to carry a second pair of shoes for walking, and they don't look goofy when off the bike or when wearing shorts.

    This is my second pair of good hiking boots that I've worn when riding. I wear them almost all the time, they're not just for riding. The first pair, also Vasque, did show signs of shifter and carb wear when they were retired due to wear on the sole. This pair I've had for about two years with no signs of shifter or carb wear. There are little slip covers available to protect from shifter wear, though I've never tried one.

    They probably don't offer as much protection as dedicated motorcycle boots, but their protection is probably adequate and their other advantages far outweigh that in my book.

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    Boots & Head Gear

    I wear Sidi Street Boots. They are very good, stay dry in heavy rain, and you can wear them all day on or off the bike. My helmet is a HJC Flip-up. I wear glasses and it's easy to put your helmet on and then put on your glasses before flipping down your face helmet. The Schuberth helmet seems heavier and the sizes run small. I use a large HJC and XL Schuberth. The Schuberth flip sun shade is real nice.
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    So here's what I've done since posting: I've got-
    a First Gear jacket
    Belfast overpants
    a Zeus flip-up helmet (Christmas present from my wife)
    Rocky insulated, waterproof boots
    and for a first bike, a KLR650
    with money in the bank to save toward the first BMW

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    I want one too

    KLR650 that is. Like it? SW Missouri afford you some riding time in the winter months?
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    We've had some 60 degree weather in December. The forecast is for 50s this weekend followed by a possible winter storm next week. We have a saying, if you don't like Missouri weather just wait, it will change.

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