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Thread: international rally lodging help

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    I received an interesting email from Brian, who is one of the volunteers with the American Legion who will be working hard for us at the rally. (Try their burgers... mmmmm)

    He wrote:
    Also, in reading your forum I see that our Rustic Roads were brought up. As a State Trooper please remind all the max speed limit is 45 (hard at times on motor cycle) and many are at 25 (who can go 25) just for info.

    I also saw new motels that you were thinking of adding to your list. Of those listed (a gentleman was looking for “Mom & Pop” type): The Silver Bell in Hartford is good, just repaired from last summer tornado; Bonnie Bell good right on Hwy 45 about 12 miles north of the Fair Grounds; Jackson Motel is more a long term “temp worker” type place not to good for man and his wife; Silver springs motel I wouldn’t recommend, used by WI Probation and Parole for those just released fro prison and reentering the community. Again just more info.

    Thanks to Brian with the American Legion for the great information!
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    2007 Rally Lodging

    Here are two ideas for lodging. There is quaint Erin Motel & Restaurant
    911 State Road 83, Hartford, WI (262) 966-1050. It is about 18 miles from fair grounds in the Kettle Moraine.

    The Lakes Gallery of Fine Art in North Lake is making available the upstairs level of the gallery. for more info.

    2 bedrooms; 1 queen & 2 twins, (dbl occupancy max per room), a large social/TV room, full kitchen privledges, 1 1/2 bath and a old time front porch for relaxation. Garage parking for bikes. The TV room has a queen sofa sleeper for an extra person or two.

    The gallery is in historic, 1906, Tudor Style house located in downtown North Lake (approx 24 miles southwest of fair grounds) Within a mile of the Wisconsin Rustic Road route through the Kettle Moraine and in the beautiful "Lake Country". (262) 966-1804

    Easy walk to 4 local taverns and eateries.
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    Motel near the Rally

    I learned of a motel nearer the Rally than most of those listed on this forum. I have talked with a woman at the motel, and was told that they don't take reservations more than about a month in advance. She said that most of the customers are construction types. If that doesn't bother you, this may be a great place to stay! There is at least one restaurant within a mile, and probably more. It's just off US 41, and is officially in Slinger, though it is closer to Cedar Lake.

    I had intended to call them back during the first week of June to get a reservation, but the J.O.B. got in the way again (I knew there was a reason I didn't want one of those. )

    Anyway, here is the information:

    Cedar Lake Motel
    4991 Arthur Rd
    Slinger, WI 53086
    (262) 644-9232

    According to my Microsoft Streets and Trips (an older version) the Cedar Hills Inn Restaurant is a few blocks east of the motel on Arthur Rd., and the center of Slinger is less than a mile south of the motel, where there should be other establishments.

    The Rally site is about 4 miles due east via some Arthur Rd. and Pleasant Valley Rd.

    I have never been in the area, so I don't know anything about the motel or the surrounding countryside. Can someone local reply as to the suitability of this motel?

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