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    Laminar Lip

    Just installed a Laminar Lip on my 1993 K1100RS. Fit and finish is excellent and the install is very easy. The difference is worth the effort. I am approx. 6'1" and 215 lbs and the wind was constantly buffeting me at the shoulders and helmet. With the Laminar installed , it is just enough extra protection to eliminate 90 % of the problem... and best of all the bike still looks good.

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    Laminar Lip Cont'd

    I installed a Laminar Lip on my '02 R1150GS Adventure and have been really peased with the results as well.
    I'm 6' and have noticed a tremendous decrease in the buffeting and noise at highway speeds.
    It's easy enough to remove for off road use but I hardly ever go to the trouble.
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    I have a friend with a Ducati ST4S. He just completed a month long 11000 mile trip on that bike. He's got a Laminar Lip on his bike and swears by it.

    When he got home, he took the lip off to wash the bike and didn't put it back on. He went for a ride and immediately realized how effective the lip had been.
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