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Thread: Cell Phone Options/Opinions

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    Question Cell Phone Options/Opinions

    Hello All-

    I know that talking about cell phones is like talking about politics. But I got to ask, since to me it is one of the key items I carry when travelling. Something about "What can go wrong, I have a cell phone and a credit card?"

    Anyway my work leash (cell phone) service is being changed and well I have a chance to influence the phone I get, definitely not the service.

    I will be getting Verizon wirless. Any good or bad phones out there that people have used?


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    I have a Motorola V60 that I like. It's small enough to fit in my pocket and it'll live a decently long time on a charge.

    It doesn't do anything fancy, like take pictures or keep my appointments or organize my sock drawer, but it's been useful. It's a flip phone too, so you don't need to go through that whole keypad lock thing.
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    >I have a Motorola V60 that I like.

    Me too. The batts last incredibly long, compared to my old Ericsson. But they take a long time to charge and are hard to change (if you have two, like I do) I bought it 'cause the LX-88 wasn't loud enough in the car (on the hands free, of course )
    Accessories are much cheaper for the Motorola and since every provider uses the V60, stuff is plentiful everywhere.

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    I picked up the Nokia 6340i because it would ring in the headset prior to auto answering. Of course this is only an issue if you're like me and you talk or sing inside the comfort of your helmet. I found it diconcerting when travelling along at speed and finding more than one voice in there You also have to watch what you say, whoever calls you will probably have an earfull before they get your attention.
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