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Thread: Pics of K75/100 Engine Gaurds

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    Pics of K75/100 Engine Gaurds

    I was wondering if anyone who had the BMW engine gaurds on thier K100/75 could take some close up pictures of them for me. I am going to make my own over the winter and I'd like the pictures to use as kind of a pattern. Better yet if anyone has a pair laying around that they'd let me borrow for a month I'd really be greatful!
    Send any pics to:

    Tarren Shaw
    Stillwater, OK

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    Here are a few shots (Sent via email). Hope they help. You should note that the top mounting bolt on both sides doubles as an engine/frame/crash bar mount bolt and has a funky rubber "bushing" built in to it. I believe that this is meant to allow the crash bars to bend in a fall over. I have heard of people with home built bars getting broken engine cases and/or mount points because their bars did not allow for any give in a tip over. Lastly, I am pretty certain that none of these bars is meant to provide any protection in a crash, just a tip over.

    In the photos, the portion of the upper mount bolt that is outside of the "crowned" bolt head, but inside of the crash bar is the rubber part.

    The right side 2 lower mounting points are directly to the oil pan. On the left side the 2 lower mounting points are bolted to a bracket that in turn bolts to the oil pan.

    Good luck,

    Dan K.

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