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Thread: sticky floats in /2

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    sticky floats in /2

    I have a 1968 60/2 US with 30,000 miles. when tuned, it runs smoothly..I have found that if I don't run it every week or 10 days, it will increasingly run rough with the right cylinder not running smoothly .. the right carb has a tendency to hang up and will simply pour gas out when the fuel petcock is turned on. I took the top off of the float bowl chamber and lifted out the float. When I shook it , it did not appear to have any gas inside. There is a metal rod sticking out of the top of the float with a milled "notch "around the shaft about 4mm from the top of the float. A metal "donut" slipped down the shaft and settles into this notch.

    However the donut" will move up or down the rod fairly easily. I thought this might keep the float too low and causing the fuel flooding? I pulled the left float from the carb and noted a "top hat" arrangement ( essentially the metal donut with a short 3mm sheeve attached to it ) on the rod that fit in the notch on the rod, preventing the float from being held down and allowing the fuel to pour out.

    I fabricated a 3mm in length, steel tube to fit between the "donut" and the top of the float to stop the right float from sticking. It seems to work somewhat , but it still doesn't run smoothly.

    The bike had a tune-up less than 500 miles ago about 12 months I don't think the adjustments are out of wack yet.. Any suggestions ?

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    It's been a while since I've been inside my R69S carbs...I would think yours are the T-120 type carb. After looking at the /2 exploded views of the carb in the Bing book, I don't see any kind of "donut" or sleeve. There is a rod, the tickler, which sticks down to push the float down to flood the carb. At the bottom of this page

    shows the internal bits of an R69S carb. The float doesn't have any other parts associated with it.

    Kurt in S.A.

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    thanks for the response.. I looked at the picture you sent on the carb parts and it looks very familiar, except I do have a notch with a small donut ring on the right carb. I'll probably have to take it to Cliffs in Danbury for Phil Cheney to work his magic on ...again..

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    far as i knew, all the earles fork bikes had pretty much the same carbs. i've got a '55 R50 with carbs that look identical to the ones in that link. no donuts on my float needles either.

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