This isn't a trip report so much as an excuse to post a couple photos.

Sunday a group of four of us went out to the Oregon coast via a great little snake of a road. It wiggled, looped, and bumped down along a river swollen with autumn rains. Shimmering threaded whiteness against a smear of rocky black, countless waterfalls added their weight. Through a dense forest hanging low with moss and bursting with ferns, the road included 20 odd miles of gnarled muddy gravel hugging the steep mountain side along the Nehalem river. The mocha colored surface was firm and mostly solid, but was tremendous fun to navigate at 30+ mph. I wish I'd taken more photos, but did manage to snap a few.

After the fun stretch of road....(camera at the wrong setting)

Riding is serious business (Rubbercow):

The river:

Two of the four happy bikes (Rubbercow's and mine):

Where'd the hair go?:

The sky over the bay:

And to answer the big question, "Why do you ride?"....