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Thread: broken clock - warranty item?

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    Question broken clock - warranty item?

    i'll ask here before i ask any official service people...

    the clock on my '02 1150ra is only right twice a day.

    i just got the bike from another guy, and im new to the whole world of warranties. everything else i've owned was older than heck and had no warranty. but now i've got one and i don't want to pay for stuff i dont have to pay for.

    so is the clock something thats covered? i've got coverage until april '04, btw.

    (or maybe it's a law that clocks on vehicles *never* work? that was something i got used to driving around in an oldsmobuick. im hoping this is different.)


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    sounds like a warranty item to me.

    Love your, ahem, username and custom text.

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    The clock on our F650GSL is fast, so they are replacing the cluster to fix it. It is under warranty.

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    thanks a lot for the speedy replies.

    so i'll tack on another question - does it matter who takes the bike in for a warranty item? or do i just walk in with the original bill of sale (which i have) that shows the date of purchase and hence that the bike is still under warranty (4k miles) and they dont hassle me and they just repair it? or do i have to go through a bunch of rigormorole to get the warranty transferred to my name?

    kbasa - when i join a forum, i'm always torn. do i think of something clever for a username? do i use my [gasp!] real name? and then i think, 'this is stupid. i'll just pick something that i know will not be taken.'

    and interestingly enough, 'username' is always available.

    the custom user text was something i added to properly convey my unique (and oh so interesting) personality. (or lack thereof.)



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