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    Y pipes

    I normally leave a bike stock and just ride it but is it smart to replace the cat with a Y pipe. I know the weight savings would be a plus but someone mentioned removing a large amount of heat from underneath the engine, that sounds big to me. Good idea or not? Will it change the way it runs to the point that I need to buy more stuff to fix what I have screwed up? Where will I find one and how much will I expect to pay? Let me guess there is a thread I need to read.

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    I'm sure there's a related thread on this, but FWIW I've got a Y-pipe and Remus titanium pipe (w/ chip) on my GS. I am very pleased with the set up, and the bike runs great. I have no idea what the results would be if one were to just get rid of the collostomy bag and put on a Y-pipe (with the rest of the system stock), or any other combination. Last I checked a Sebring or Mistral crossover averaged in the $300 to $400 range. My Y-pipe was ordered from Remus and has a port for the 02 sensor. As others have said, don't expect any significant performace gains. This is something you would do primarily for asthetics and a more pleaseing exhaust note. Good luck.

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    I just purchased my Neptune y-pipe

    Besides the obvious weight loss,you're losing that large lump of heat from beneath the transmission.I'm sure Paul Glaves can offer much more in the way of +/- for you.I haven't installed the pipe yet,but I intend to keep the stock can until find a great deal on a replacement.Losing the weight and heat we're what sold me.Moving to Honduras soon is also a variable for me as I may occasionally encounter bad fuel.
    Good luck in your search.
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    I have the Remus Y pipe with the OEM silencer on my GSAdv and it did reduce the heat dramatically on the tranny in the summer time. I am hardly petite and so the nominal weight savings are counterracted by I like the exhaust tone better, and the cleaner looks. Personal choice though. The tranny action made it worthwhile as far as justifying what was a vanity purchase for sound and appearance though.

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