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Thread: Chain life

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    Chain life

    What is the approximate life of a 650GS chain? I have 10,000 mi on mine and it seems OK? I don't want it to snap on the interstate! I keep it well oiled and it doesn't seem to need adjusting often. when should I replace it?

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    It Depends

    Some people seem to get only 5-6,000 miles out of a chain, while others can get 15,000. I got 10,000 out of my last chain and I was a bit disappointed.

    Chain life is very much dependent upon how you treat your chain. If you keep it adjusted and well-lubed, you should get many more miles than on a chain that isn't maintained as well. Other factors include how you ride, how often you ride in the rain, mud, or gravel roads, etc. Keeping a clean chain helps extend chain life as well.

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