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Thread: motorcycle lift

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    motorcycle lift

    in case any of you want, harbor freight has thier 399 lift on sale for 299

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    moved this over to gear.

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    Its been on "sale" now for 7 months or more. I bought one last June for that price. A very nice unit for the money & the shipping costs are pretty low.
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    re: m/c lift

    i own two of the harbor freight units. one is at the home shop, gets very little use. the other is in my business shop (power equipment sales & service), is gets lots of use & works just fine still. 2 years old now. caught the lift on sale with free shipping, best $300 i ever spent.

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    Me too....

    I got the same about 7 months ago, for about 260$, with coupon that they honored here at the Fresno store. The coupon was for anything purchased in the store that day, so I took it off the lift for an even better price. They were selling like hotcakes here and I got the last one at my store. A Harley dealer happens to be right across the street from this HFTools, so the bikers there were snatching them up as they came into the store. I got lucky, as the workers were unpacking one for the floor. I did not go in there looking for a lift, but stumbled into a good one, imo. It lifts my KLT without issue. My lighter bikes are a no brainer for this lift. Happy Trails

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