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    Question Emissions canister

    I've got a '99 1100SA, 66K,with a minor problem...when I open my fuel filler cap I have to break vacuum to open the thinks my canister is saturated with fuel and it's got nowhere to go. Any suggestions? Probably due to over-filling? Thanks for the help...

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    Yes, that's what has happened, and what's worse, the charcoal in it will now disintegrate and travel down the vacuum line towards your throttle body (left side, if it's the same as on the R1100RSes). If it hangs up the solenoid in that line, you'll get a permanent vacuum in the gas tank when the bike is running, which caused the plastic tank on my R11RS to dramatically change shape! (The bike doesn't run so well, either.) The soleniod is only supposed to hold the vacuum line open for 10 minutes after you start the bike, to clear gas fumes out of the canister.

    I believe there's an article over on about how to perform a canisterectomy.

    (In my case, I had one canister replaced under warranty, and the mechanic who did it got the three tubes mixed up, which pretty quickly ruined the second one.)
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    Cannister...Wee dont need no stinkin cannister...follow the thread about the removal....mines been gone for 3 years and have never missed
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