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Thread: Bags on the S

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    Bags on the S

    Hey guys, Who makes the hot set up for a set of hard bags for a 2000 S? I would like to carry enough for an overnight trip with a passenger. Thanks.......... Paul

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    Ummm... how about the BMW bags
    Look good, fit the look of the bike, and are full size on both sides on the S. What's not to like?

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    I have the BMW system cases. I like them. They lock with the ignition key and snap on and off in about two seconds.

    If you get bag liners, you can take your stuff out of the bags while the wet/dirty/yucky bags sit outside your tent.

    If price is a problem, look for used ones. The new ones are $700 a pair, so used ones should be about half that. You can use the ones from an R1100/1150RS as well as RT bags.

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    The only minor problem with the stock S bags is: with bags on your wider than a GoldWing...Not kid'n

    The bags set away from the body due to the under seat cans.

    But......There is nothing else better.

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    I have widebmw as my screen name and wide load on my licence plate frame. That is because when I put the 45 L GIVI bags on my bike I was wide. But when I saw the R1100S I knew I had lost.
    Remember when riders did not like the high pipe because it took up bag space or pushed the one side out further.
    On the R1100S you have tail pipes and it is wider??
    For years I thought BMW should sell their bikes without a seat or luggage and give you a gift certificate for the seat and luggage of your choice.

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