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Thread: Motorcycle Jack for R1200C

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    Motorcycle Jack for R1200C

    I wish to lift my 2000 R1200C on a jack so that I can work on the wheels and the bottom of the bike easier. Is there a jack that will work on the R1200C?

    Can I lift the whole bike with a jack that rests on the bottom of the engine, without touching the exhaust pipes, without injuring the engine or the bike?

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    Sears, Costco, ATV lifts, etc can be made to work with the C, plus there is a custom-design plan, if you do your own welding, at this web site:

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    Thanks for the quick reply Montana. I have read all the information on the site you sent me to and I am still not sure whether you can lift the bike on the commercial lifts without injuring the exhaust. These lifts usually lift Harleys with a frame under the bike. As you know, the 1200 has only the engine and the pipes to lift upon. The bmw and custon lifts do not touch the pipes. I can see the advantage of the lifts that do not touch the pipes and the engine and on the other hand I can get more lift from the Sears, Costco and similar models to get the bike higher off the ground to work on it.

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    How about modifying the Sear, Costco type lifts so that only the engine is lifted without the pipes being involved. Has this been done or is it just not necessary?

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    I've got a R1200-CLC that is currently resting very nicely on the Sears jack. The lift fits under the bike and the pipe are high enough to not interfere with the lifting. The information at ChromeHeads is spot on and worth taking to heart.

    One word of caution - the balance point is just far enough back that I have used a jack stand under the rear mono-shock to provide proper balance and three point support. Also, be sure to use the cinch down belts to secure the whole thing but that was pretty easy to do without getting on paint or chrome.

    Good wrenching,

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    Thanks Ray, that was all I needed to respond to the Sears add I just got in the mail! I will get the jack and enjoy my work on the bike without having to bend over and compress that belly I have worked so hard to create.

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    Here is the link to the additiion of bars that make the Sears stand work well:

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    Thanks again, Montana. That clarified everything and I will make the modifications to the Sears stand. It is great to have such support from other BMW rideres.

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