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Thread: Who has an R100CS still on the road?

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    Very interesting. I just acquired a 1982 R100 (Says that in the Serial Number and on the side covers. It has the CS fairing and is painted the CS Black with pin striping throughout. This one has a stainless 2 into 1 exhaust system, some kind of after market shocks with red coils on the bottom of the coil stack, bags and a Corbin seat. An absolute beauty of a bike that I got out of a shed that had stuff piled on it, covered in 5 years of dust and grime (but didn't damage it, other than one chip out of the front fender paint and one hinge on the Corbin seat was missing. Stunning bike once I got it cleaned up!

    Anyway, the first four numbers of the serial are 6175. Anyone got an idea of whether this is one of the legendary CS models? Doesn't much matter as it's going to get a Canadian Collector Plate and be recreationally driven.

    Thanks folks,


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    From this website:

    it appears that the 6175xxx VIN is a basic R100. The US '81 CS models began with numbers 6188 while the European began with 6135. So you might just have a basic R100 that the PO converted.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patsplace View Post
    one of the legendary CS models?
    now that thar is funny. i don't care who you are.
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    I had gone over all of the available info. on the R100's and couldn't find any numbers that started before the 6175XXX and finished after it, by extension, including this number. Only interesting.

    The bike isn't in the US, it's a Canadian bike. I read in a secret document that only eleven Canadian CS models were built and they were all sprayed with Maple Syrup, that's why they are Legendary....and also a very sweet bike. And if you're with me on that, I have a great deal on a bridge for sale...just down the road.

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    Quote: 'I have a great deal on a bridge for sale...just down the road.'

    That would be the bridge from Powell River to the Lower Mainland?

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    A Bridge!

    The bridge to "no where"...... my town.

    In reality... my town to the International Airport. that's fact and the truth.

    Ketchikan to the Airport on the next island.

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    Angry Original Intent of This Thread

    Unfortunately, my original intent of starting this thread has never been met. Not one posting tells me what the serial number of the R100CS you own (or know about the existence of).

    Let's start over...

    If any of the readers of this thread think they have an R100CS, please post the serial number so I can include it in my tabulation. If you are unsure about the model of the bike in question, please consult the web site below:

    Type in the last 7 digits of your VIN and it will return this information.

    "Last Editions" will come up as R100T's. Unless you remove the Environmental Plumming and install 9.5:1 Pistons, you will not have a 70HP (51KW) engine.

    Simple as that.

    See you in Bloomsburg!

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    Cycle World had good Road Test article on the BMW '81 R100CS in it's August '81 issue. I have in the Cycle World soft cover book ON BMW 1981-1986. Enjoyed reading the article. Nice bike. '81 was a year of a lot firsts, most good and some not so good.

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    Smile R100CS S/N 6188154 Found in Canada

    Received an email from a person in Canada today stating that he owns 6188154. This is the kind of info I was looking for on this thread.

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    Hi Dave
    Was the person in Canada from Wainfleet ON?

    If it is not, I know where there is another!
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    R100cs 6188154

    Hello Mr Cainey,
    The owner bought it in 1983 in Brandon Manitoba. No name given and does not want to receive
    email from the forum.
    David L Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcrbmwc View Post
    Unless you remove the Environmental Plumming and install 9.5:1 Pistons, you will not have a 70HP (51KW) engine.
    Nothing about the "environmental plumbing" detracts from horsepower.

    When you install 9.5 pistons you should raise the needle jet one notch, which is the only carburetor difference.
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    1983 cs

    I have #6176694, i t shows on the list as as an 83 R100T. The bike still has all its original paint and striping with the exception of the fairing. I repainted it and restriped it. It was damaged in a tip over, but still had the original paint and striping. Mine is black with white and red lines. Has snowflake wheels and R100 on the sidecovers. It was sold to me as a CS.
    Bill Bassett

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    I have a 1983 R100cs that I just bought in Casper, WY. Rode her all over Wyoming and Montana, no problem in mountain thin air, climbed like a goat loaded. it had 28100 miles on it when I bought her. I live in Atlanta and ride her all the time. She's pearl white with hard cases.

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