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Thread: Who has an R100CS still on the road?

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    Who has an R100CS still on the road?

    I own 2 1981 R100CS's that are in good to excellent condition. Neither has original paint, but both have been repainted in "legal" paint schemes for the year and model. My serial numbers are 6188073 and 6188103. I would like to know of the existence of other R100CS's (USA only - S/N 6188001 thru 6188174) still on the road. Note that S/N 6188001 thru 6188163 are 1981 models whereas S/N 6188164 thru 6188174 are the only other USA delivered R100CS's with the 0436 motor, and are 1982 thru 1984 models, and are truly RARE. Last Edition R100CS's delivered in 1984 are, in reality, R100T's with 0435 motors and special pearl white paint, and do not have "R100CS" stamped on their frames.


    Dave Good
    MOA# 5559
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