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Thread: Tail of the Dragon/Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park, TN

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillGS1200 View Post
    Wow! Thanks for the tip. Are riders crashing because they are over riding their abilities/going too fast or are some of the cagers on the road to blame? Also, are most people riding sport bikes or do you see pretty much everything?
    They exceed the limits of the road, the motorcycle or the ability of the rider.

    Too much speed is ussually the problem but other things happen. People panic and over steer or maybe the crasiest idea is the waving. You need to forget about saying hello and pay attention to what you are doing. I ran off the road after waving to another rider. It could have been a problem but I was lucky.

    It is really nothing to worry about if you keep it slow. I notice that I could ride at or below 30 MPH, wave, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the ride.

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    Was there last July, it had just rained pretty hard and there was debris washed out on the road. The road/view was great otherwise. Plenty of sport bikes, then cruisers, and 3 BMW's in addition to myself. Also plenty of LEO's on patrol, so depending on what time of day, day of the week, time of the year, watch your speed...........

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    i done it twice ,1st time on the bike ,2nd in the semi.first time was more fun.

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    Pocket Bikes

    Here's the clip of the pocekt bikes. While I most definitely do not condone the behaviour of these goobs, I can't help but get a good hearty chuckle at the part at the end where one runs into the ditch and the guy just picks it up and keeps going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alien_hitchhiker View Post
    BTW, the BMW RA is holding their annual rally in Asheville, in June, with camping on the Biltmore Estate.
    Actually, that was last year. I wish I could have gone.
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    I have been there several times, including last summer. I have ridden it both ways on a K75, K100, F650, and R1150R. The F650 was the most fun because of its light weight and balance. The K100 was the least fun because it was top heavy in the tighter corners. Riding it just at dawn on the K75 during the 2003 Iron Butt Rally was a special ride. The shimmering silver road stood out in the deep shadows of the surrounding woods. For most people it is a 2nd-3rd gear road.

    Last May we arrived at just after noon on a Tuesday. Even then the parking lot at the store/motel/campground formerly known as the Crossroads of Time was jammed with about 100 bikes, and we could hear them whining up and down the hill at the south end. There were quite a few trailers, and a handful of folks with their number-plated bikes were evident.

    Given the congestion we skipped 129 and rode over to Maggie Valley - spent the night - and visited the Wheels Through Time Museum the next morning. Then rode the full length of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Cherokee north. Good trip!
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    I rode it last October 3, on a Wednesday. No police, no cars, no RVs and not too many bikes. It was a good ride. One sport bike was approaching from behind much faster than I was travelling so I slowed down to let him/her pass. Speed limit was 30mph and I handled it easily at a little more than the posted speed.
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    The Dragon and/or Deals Gap

    It is a wonderful road and the scenery is beautiful. Just don't go too fast, there are patrols all the way, specially in weekends. At the store you can find lots of products, which are nice souvenirs, for you and your friends.

    My friend (and vicepresident) Joel and I did it in our way back from the National of West Bend.

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    I went last year over Memorial Day. I was told it was going to be a zoo.. We went on Friday morning, fairly early and there was no crowd. I was passed by a few guys on sport bikes, but had no problems.
    I decided before hand to stay within my abilities, and still felt like I was pushing it pretty hard.
    I'd heard the main probem is crossing the yellow, if you are outside your abilities..
    It's a great place to ride. I enjoyed many of the other roads in the area more. (longer stretches)
    I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BillGS1200 View Post
    Just wondering who has done the Dragon and what your impressions are. I hear that the number of curves/hills and scenery in the park make the ride worthwhile. If this is so, what are the best times of the year to go in order to avoid traffic congestion? All opinions/tips appreciated. Thanks!
    Marty, Ken and myself riding the dragon June 07. Photo be Zee foto, they do a good job watch for them. Traffic was heavy due to RA rally, but we were still able to run it twice at a pretty good clip. weather was perfect. I'm sure you will have a blast. I found some of the roads to the dragon just as nice with much less traffic.
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    So, is the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort a good place to stay?

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    Deals Gap Resort

    The Deals Gap resort is a great place to stay. It is reasonably priced, clean, and right in the middle of all the action. A word of warning, plan early and make your reservation. They only have 14 rooms, but do have some nice areas for camping. I make at least 5 trips there each year to ride, and have never been disappointed. The riding in that area is not limited to the "Dragon", you have "Hellbender", the Cherohala Skyway, and many other roads that offer scenic and just plain ole fun riding. If the Deals Gap resort is full, try the 2-Wheel Inn in Robbinsville, NC. Its 17 miles to the Dragon, and a nice place to stay. Any other info feel free to inquire..Jim

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    We did the Dragon last Sept, mid week and it was a blast. Not any traffic at all the first day (actually late afternoon into early evening) . The next morning quite a bit of traffic in both directions. Use extreme caution though, a guy in a VW Golf missed me by less than 6 inches, and I was on the far right white line. I heard squealing tires comming from a blind right hander so I moved as far to the right as I could, and in a flash, this over zealous out of control bass thumpin' Jack Ass comes flying into my lane just missing my left sidecase. Pretty shook, the rest of that pass was rather nerve racking. You will enjoy it though. Check out the other great rides in the area too. The entire Blue Ridge Pky is amazing!
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    Thumbs up Camping / Cabins close to the "Dragon"

    I rode the "Dragon" and Cherohala last October. I chose to stay at the Cherohala Motorcycle Resort link:

    This was one of the best rides of my life. I rode the Dragon from the West side then back and forth again! I have to say the Cherohala was a beautiful ride too. Leaves were at their peak. I agree with one of the earlier poster's that there are many other roads to ride in NC, TN and GA too.

    I live in the GA foothills and have to say I am pretty spoiled. Less than a day's ride to the best riding in the US.

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    Here is the trophy tree. The motel rooms in the background. At every bend there are single skid marks leaving the road - used as a race track by many - be careful, especially of the cars.
    The area in general has some great riding, plenty of twisties and beautiful parks and scenery.

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