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Thread: BMW R27 float problems

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    BMW R27 float problems

    A couple of weeks ago I was having some problems starting my R27 and some guys helped me a lot but today was another thing.

    I went to start the bike and the carb just overflowed so I thought the float was stuck, I tapped on the side of the carb but it just kept it up so I shut off the gas and it quit. A friend of mine suggested that I go ahead and start the bike and maybe that would loosen the float. So I did but everytime I turned on the gas it just started overflowing the carb again.

    So I ran the bike out of gas and took off the top of the foat to find a loose float, it moved up and down freely. Then I filled the float bowl with gas by turning on the gas for a second. The float did not float so I deduced it must have just developed a hole.

    All that to say this. I saw some where that the Bing float is impossible to take out and fix. What should I do or do you have a link to a good article that tells me how to fix it.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help.......Dave

    I got it fixed it was the float. It had gas in it. Thanks to everyone for the help.
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    I don't know how difficult it is to get the float out, but I've read about using either solder or JB Weld to fix a small hole. You'll need to be sure all the gas is out from the inside and to not add any significant weight to the float. Vech at Bench Mark Works can probably fix you up with a new float.

    Kurt in S.A.

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    i had a sunk float on my R50 recently too. you could hear gas sloshing around in it, but the funny thing was, the gas refused to come out. otherwise i might have just tried brushing on a little model airplane dope around the seams or something. (a gas-proof sealer) but anyway, a new float for mine was only about $30 which seemed ok to me in the grand scheme of bmw parts. i got it from vech. looks like floats for the r27 are the same price.

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