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Thread: K rear shock replacement

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    Question K rear shock replacement

    OK, I've got 40,000 + miles on the K1 sidecar rig, with the original BMW rear shock. I removed the spring during a driveshaft overhaul, and was pleased to find the shock still full of fluid and with good damping resistance. But scuttlebutt is that BMW original equipment shocks only last about 35,000 miles. I suspect I'll get maybe one more season out of the stocker, but I'm considering it's replacement.

    What's your experience with aftermarket shocks, including Ohlins and Works Performance? Is the Ohlins that much better or easier to set up than the WP, considering the outlandish price difference? How long do the aftermarkets last, and can they be rebuilt?


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    I can't speak in the context of a side car, but I do have an Ohlins that I like and probably greatly under-use. The one I have has two "remotes." One fits by my right ankle and the other fits behind the right side bag mount.

    They are rebuildable by a company in the US--Peterson Pro Suspension if I remember right.

    (In response to Kbasa below, I think I was referred to Peterson by Ohlins when I emailed them about rebuilding it.)
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    I've got Ohlins on my S bike. To say it's nice is an understatement.

    I've got one on my VFR too, which made a huge difference over the stock Showa stuff.

    I had them on our RS, but sold them in a fit of stupidity. I'm sort of poking around looking for some, but came across the Bitubo stuff. It looks pretty nice and the price is midway between the Works stuff and the Ohlins. I've also heard rave reviews about Wilbers as well, which are priced in the same spot as the Bitubos.

    There are lots of options and it's hard to go wrong.

    That said, if you ever wind up selling the shocks, the Ohlins name adds a lot to the resale value. Plus, you can get them rebuilt all over the place. I think there are three shops here in SF that will perform service on Ohlins.
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    K75 shock replacement recommendation

    My 1995 K75's rear shock is leaking, so will need to replace it ( and this after only 12,000 miles , so I'm not too impressed with OEM BMW ! ). Any recommendations on a replacement shock ?

    I want to preserve the comfortable ride, for long rides and touring, so don't want a shock that's too harsh / strictly high performance.

    The I was looking at HAGON #35006 and Progressive 412-4051B. These cost approx $ 225. A new OEM shock is $275. Cost is not really the issue, but rather good performance, comfort and long life. I'm leaning toward the HAGON due to 2yr warrantee and excellent / local dealer support. Any opinions or feedback from someone using these shocks ? I'd appreciate any and all feedback...

    Thanks, Todd Traver '95 K75

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    Check out an Ohlins, I was never happier.


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    Another good source is Wilbers Suspension Systems ... made in Germany, so they can't be bad!

    Seriously, many good friends who are performance riders have tried Wilbers and have been very satisfied. I personally have Ohlins on my Oilhead, but when the stock BMW shocks on my K12 wear out, I am going to give the Wilbers a try.

    They are significantly less costly than Ohlins, although not cheap by any stretch.

    They are highly adjustable, rebuildable, and you can order them in shortened versions fairly straight forwardly.

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