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Thread: What is your motorcycle history?

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    I posted this to another list and got a request to repost it here. I was not aware of this forum, but am now... Anyway here are links to the pics of my current bikes:

    450 Rebel

    750 & Sidecar
    Frog R100/7


    I don't have the pic of my 400 posted yet.

    Dave L.

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    Rally Rat MarkF's Avatar
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    Mar 2003

    My rides

    1981 Suzuki SP500 bought new in 1983
    dual purpose bike with kick starter.

    one year without a bike, got married.

    1983 Suzuki GS450L bought new in 1985
    cheap return to riding.

    1984 Moto Guzzi V65SP bought new in 1986
    my baby! loved this bike. rode it to rallies.
    had BMW envy so I sold it. big mistake!

    Year? BMW R75/6 bought, restored and sold
    a basket case, sold the vetter fairing to pay
    for the repaint and replace. rode it and hated it.
    broke even when I sold it.

    Year? Kawi KLR600 bought used
    was my only ride while fixing up the BMW.
    faulty rear shock with no aftermarket then.

    several years with no bikes. was into fishing.
    bought a boat. my sons were born.

    1997 Suzuki GSF600 Bandit bought used in 1999
    I was getting closer to 40 and my sons told me
    to buy it after seeing it at the dealer. my test ride
    was first time on a bike in over 5 years. OK!

    2000 BMW R1100RL bought new in 2000 and
    still riding! Ordered this bike and had to wait
    for one to come it. non-ABS bikes sell fast.

    Sold the Bandit a year later. Didn't need two bikes.


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    Subzero Scooter Idiot oldcarkook's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    New England
    1968 Triumph 650 Bonneville (my 1st) 3 hrs of maintenance time = 1 hr riding time

    1970 Honda CL350 Scrambler (my 2nd) Dirt, street, it did it all and never complained. I was bit hard on shift forks though.

    1995 Suzuki DR350 (my 3rd) - Old faithful still going strong in the woods

    1996 Honda XR70 (son 1st) - I look like a bear in a circus on this thing.

    1996 BMW R 1100 RT (my 4th) - I look like a bear in a circus on this thing too! lol

    2001 Honda XR200 (son 2nd bike) - Not enough snap for my needs.

    Now if you want to consider four wheel closed cab rides, that's a horse of a different color.


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    Skyland, North Carolina


    Started on a 1952 Simplex Servi-cycle which I bought used for $90 in 1955. Rode it for about two years, and can't remember what happened to that bike.

    Then there was a gap of almost 40 years until I took the MSF course in 1994 and bought a new 93 Honda Nighthawk 750. Progressed to a 96 Kawasaki GPZ-1100, a 98 BMW R1100RS which I sold in 2000 when I was transferred to the Middle East by my oil company employer. Returned home in 2001, and bought a R1100RL, but didn't have much time to ride, and sold it a year later. Took early retirement about a year ago (kicked myself for selling the Roadster!). Finally settled on a 94 Pearl Silver R1100RS which I took delivery on about a week ago.
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    MTHelmet MTHelmet's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Danielsville, PA

    bike history

    1st bike 1961 NSU 250 CC new 1961
    2nd bike 1939 HD purchased 1964
    3rd bike R69S 600 CC purchased 1966
    4th bike 1971 R75/5 purchased 1971 new Rode for 1013**miles
    5th bike 1967 R27 purchased 1973 as a bike for wife to learn on
    6th bike 1974 R90/6 purchased 1984 w/113000 +miles Rode until Sept. 1999 Retired with 192000 +mile being estored.
    7th bike 2000 K1200 LTC Canyon Red. has 31000 + mile.

    I started to ride a age 15 wike in High school. My main ride until I bought the NSU w/OPB's ( other peoples bikes).

    As of today I have ridden over 250,000 mile on BMW 's.
    MT helmet

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    On the Road
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    Nov 2003
    Escondido, Calif.
    25's my list...started riding in 1978....during some years I have owned more than one bike at a time ( didn't make the wife too happy):

    1974 Honda CB500
    1978 HondaCB750
    1980 HondaCBX
    1981 Suzuki GS850
    1982 HondaCBX
    1982 Suzuki GS1000
    1983 Suzuki GS750
    1984 Yamaha Seca Turbo
    1984 HondaInteceptor 500
    1986 HondaCB1100
    1984 Yamaha Seca Turbo ( yes, I did own two of these)
    1989 Yamaha FJ1100
    1993 BMW K1100RS ( Current Ride)

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    My wife is happier now that I'm down to 5 bikes...

    Dave L.

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    El Dookey loves to ride. 99007's Avatar
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    Ada, MI (outside Grand Rapids)

    Hey Gary

    Gary, after owning multiple jap bikes what put you on a beemer?
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Marin By God County, California
    Originally posted by Dave L.
    My wife is happier now that I'm down to 5 bikes...

    Dave L.
    'fess up, Dave.

    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Rally Rat BMWRider's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Upper Arlington OH
    1973 Suzuki GT550
    1976 Kawasaki KZ750 verticle twin
    1980 Kawasaki KZ750 inline four
    1993 Honda GL1500
    1996 BMW R1100RT
    1999 BMW K1200LT
    2002 BMW R1150GS

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    Registered User R100RS's Avatar
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    Jul 2003
    North Florida
    1968 Kawasaki A1SS (2-stroke)
    1988 BMW R100RS

    For all practical purposes, the BMW is my first and only bike. The Kaw was my dad's old bike that I rescues out of his garage after 20 years of sitting idle. I semi-restored it (got it to working order) and then bought the BMW. The Kaw had a tag for less than a month when I switched it to the BMW. I then let the Kaw sit for a few years and sold it.

    '02 R1150R
    '88 R100RS

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    Registered User crvalley's Avatar
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    Dec 2003
    San Mateo

    Cycle History

    Couldn't resist this one either...Although not as lengthy as some, here is my motorcycle history:

    The year indicated is the year of the bike...

    1) Honda MR 50 '74? (Learned how to ride on this one, age 9)

    2) Yamaha DT 100 '76? (Still learning, age 12)

    3) Honda FT 500 '84 (First road bike)

    4) Yamaha Seca 750 '82 (First fast road bike)

    5) Suzuki GS500E '89 (Bought it on a whim)

    6) Honda CB550K '77 (Sold it to a motorcycle messenger)

    7) BMW R80S '86 (First BMW. Originally an RT, but the prior owner tipped it over in his garage, then had BMW reconfigure it into the "S" mode)

    8) BMW K1200RS '98 (Current ride. Just purchased used)
    C R Valley
    San Mateo, CA
    '98 K1200RS
    In-Search of '69-'71 R75/5 fixer-upper

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    On the Road Hacksaw's Avatar
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    Jun 2003
    Southeast Texas
    71 Honda SL70
    72 Suzuki TC125 Prospector
    74 Suzuki TS400 Apache (loved that bike)
    81 Honda CB900 Custom
    82 Honda XL185S (dad/sons bike)
    00 Honda XR100R (sons bike)
    98 BMW R1100GS (current ride)
    01 Kawasaki 250 Ninja (sons current ride)

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    Focused kbasa's Avatar
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    Mar 2003
    Marin By God County, California
    1969 Honda SL90
    1977 BMW R75/7
    1982 CB750F
    1983 R100RS
    1988 K75C
    1998 VFR800
    1999 R1100S

    Over on Tina's side of the house:

    1975 CB400F
    1990 K75S
    1994 R1100RSL (slowly becoming mine)
    2002 R1150R

    We like Bikes.
    Dave Swider
    Marin County, CA

    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    Okie Dokie,
    In order of ownership.

    66 Honda Trail 90 (the one with the overlay sprocket)
    74 SX 650 Yamaha (loved that bike)
    7? Macio 400 AW (first of the long travel dirt bikes)
    76 TT500 Yahama (actually raced this)
    78 R100S (smoke red, the fast color)
    7? CT70 Honda (Wish I still had it)
    96 R1100GS (should have NEVER sold this bike)
    00 H-D FXDX (Fun while it lasted)
    02 R1150GS (Still have)
    03 K1200RS (Still have)
    04 KTM 950 Adv (Still have and the most fun in the stable)

    Never owned an Italian bike, thinking about it


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