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Thread: What is your motorcycle history?

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    What is your motorcycle history?

    I first posted this a few days ago in the Campfire section and then had second thoughts about it being in the right place or if it should be under another thread already out there. After reviewing several other threads, I decided it was unique enough to try again.

    With winter rapidly approaching for some and fully ensconced for others, I thought it might be interesting to do a little reminiscing with a bit of personal biking history.

    I‘«÷ll start it off; first bike was a 1964 Honda 90 purchased in 1968 to get to and from work on a near-by farm. Two years and 10K miles later moved up to 1968 Honda CB350, wow a real road bike! (total mileage on the 350, 15K) Next came a 1972 Honda CB450 purchased new just prior to graduation from high school, traded the 350 and some cash for it. Five and a half years and 26K later, I bought a 1976 R75/6. This is where the story gets good. A college buddy and I were both riding our 450s together a lot, then one day he pulls up to my apartment on a R75/6 fully dressed with Luftmeister fairing, Krauser bags, the works. I had only seen a few other beemers up close at that time. I had even ridden an R90S at the Honda dealership where I worked right after high school. I asked my buddy, Dan, ‘«£why did you buy such a butt-ugly bike?‘«ō He just grinned and proceeded to educate me on the history and finer points of BMW motorcycles. I was pretty open minded about the whole thing but still not totally convinced that he was not losing his marbles. It just so happened that he was on his way to visit his parents for the weekend, about a 100 mile drive to Anton, TX. He then offered to let me drive this odd contraption to his folks' house while he drove my Honda. To shorten this part, by the time we got to his parents‘«÷ house, I wanted to keep his bike and give him mine. Of course that did not happen, but 3 months later, I had my ‘«÷76 R75/6 fully dressed and ready for touring. And I did some touring on that beauty, at least by my standards in 1977. Five years and 50K later I had to sell the R75 to pay some medical bills since I had no insurance.

    Fast forward to November 1999, I had been without a bike for almost 20 years due to financial constraints. My new job was looking pretty secure after 5 years and all of the baby-boomer types I worked with were getting on the Harley kick. I would gig them once in a while about getting a real bike, a BMW. Then one evening while on an overtime shift a co-worker tossed me a BMW brochure that someone had discarded. I began to go through it and completely fell in love with the R1100RT. But alas, the lofty RT seemed entirely too tall for my 27‘«ō inseam. So I took a very serious look at the R1200C. After the holidays that year, I picked up that brochure again and started thinking about maybe getting another bike, just sort of dreaming from time to time. Then in late January, a very close friend and sailing buddy suddenly died from an aneurysm. He was only a few years older than I and probably in as good a physical condition as any 55 year old out there. I began to think about that and decided that I would not let life go by any further saying ‘«£I wish I had ‘«™‘«ō you fill in the blanks. By March of 2000 I had made a pretty good deal on a ‘«÷99 R1200C and was off and running to make up for lost time. (almost done). A year and half later I found out about some ways one could lower an RT so I managed to make a very sweet deal on a used one and now have logged up a little over 60K on the cruiser, 28K on the RT for a lifetime total at just over 189K (138K on beemers‘«ŲThank you Dan Caddell, where-ever you are for letting me ride your R75 that day back in 1977.)

    If anyone happens to know Dan, (or if he is reading this), I would be honored to ride with him again.

    Here is my current favorite ride, it is tough to decide between the C and the RT though.

    Edit/update: I found said Dan Caddell not long after this first posted and we are riding nearly identical RTs together as frequently as possible while living 175 miles apart. That is, when I'm not on the R1200C. In fact when I first made contact with him again through our college alumni association he was bikeless and I had the priviledge of helping him find his next ride, a '98 RT very similar to mine.

    Edit/update 10/15/06: Since I first posted this, my '99 was totalled and I am now riding nearly equal amounts on the RT and the 2000 R1200C that replaced the '99.
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    I gotta get to work, but couldn't resist replying to this. Just a list of models at this point, in order of purchase. Hopefully I'll get back later and fill in some details.

    Honda Cub 50
    Honda CL100
    Honda SL100
    Kawasaki Trail Boss 100
    Yamaha DT250
    Bultaco Pursang
    Bultaco Matador
    Husqvarna 250
    Husqvarna 360WR
    Maico 450
    Husqvarna 400
    CZ 250
    Bultaco Matador Six-Day
    BMW R90/6
    BMW K100 RT
    R80 G/SPD
    BMW K100RS 16V
    BMW R1100GS
    Bultaco Alpina 350
    BMW R1150GS
    BMW R69S
    Honda Trail 90
    BMW R100RS
    BMW K1200RS
    BMW HP2 Enduro - totaled!
    BMW HP2 Enduro #2
    Honda Grom
    BMW G650 Xchallenge

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    Started out on a Suzyki TC 90 while in high school. Went through several Hondas. Moved from a VT-700 Shadow to a K100 when I bought my first BMW. Am now on my third beemer.

    No yammahoppers or harleys thus far ...
    '98 BMW Z3 Roadster, '00 R1100RT

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    North Carolina
    1st ride I ever took was on a Kawasaki Mach III, I convinced the guy that I knew how to ride just from all the magazines I had read.
    Some mini-bike without a gear shift. To shift, I had to reach down and jerk the shaft in or out as I let off the gas. My grandpa made it disappear when he found out how crazy I was with it.
    Honda 450 Double Overhead Cam (1971?) sold in 1 piece
    Honda 750 SS (1977?) sold in 1 piece
    Harley Davidson Electra-Glide (Not mine, my work bike)
    Honda CBX (1979) sold in 1 piece
    Honda Gold Wing (1981? had for 30 days but it woudln't corner) traded for below
    Suzuki GS 1100EX (1982?) sold in 1 piece after going down at 100-120 mph (I lost 40% of my skin and was pronounced expectant, it suffered a broken signal lens and a worn ignition? cover on the right side. I guess I threw myself under it and protected it for a quarter mile of sliding at which point it flipped back onto its wheels and rolled to an eventual stop while I continued sliding to somewhere on the far side of the half-mile mark. Yes, I say prayers before every meal now.
    BMW R100S (Bought and rode in Germany, year197?) sold in 1 piece
    BMW K100RT (1985) sitting in the garage, pleading to be serviced and ridden
    Yamaha FJ600 (unknown year, bought it while TDY) sold in 1 piece
    Honda CL350 (197?) sitting in the garage....blah, blah
    Harley-Davidson XL883R (2002) Looking good and Buelisized on the inside. 18K in one year, 11 months, parts vibrated off all along the road.
    BMW R1100SBX (2002) Got it after a guy almost totalled me and the Sportster when he ran a stop sign. 20k in the last 17 mo even riding the Sportster too (avg 3k/mo when the Sportster was still in the shop). Vanderlinde, K&N, Metzler M1's, Carbon Fiber (did anyone realize that carbon fiber and money are mutually exclusive? you can only have one or the other at the same time, dunno, must be a law of physics or something.) I keep asking, if this is the perfect bike....then how come I keep pouring money into it?
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    Ada, MI (outside Grand Rapids)
    First ride was a mini-bike that burned my leg with its muffler. (What? Shorts are a bad idea on two wheels?)
    Borrowed a buddies Kaw 350 for a few days when I was 18.
    Week later I bought a Honda 750 w/Windjammer and toured the US of A from MI to AZ on the Southern route out, Northern back.
    SOld that in Arizona a year or so later.
    Next up was a Kawasaki dual sport (250 cc??). Great little commuter bike and I enjoyed riding out of town, getting on a trail for a while and coming home on the pavement. (Speaking of which my new screen saver is the KLR 650 'cuz I couldn't afford the Rockster AND a GS......well, maybe.)
    Then I bought another Honda 750. (Hey they were bulletproof and I am not mechanically inclined.)
    Didn't ride for a while. Bought the 2001 BMW R1100RL in July '01.
    Took it in for the 12k service in July '03 and "test drove" the Rockster for 500 miles or so. Bought it.
    Me n the Rockster got a thing going on - love it.
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    Santa Cruz CA
    1955 R50
    1960 R50
    1959 R69
    1964 R69S
    1983 R65
    1986 FJ1200 (I just *hated* it, and sold it 13 days later)
    1988 K75S
    1996 R1100RSL

    I should be a BMW commercial.
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    David Brick
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    Originally posted by dbrick
    1955 R50
    1960 R50
    1964 R69
    1966 R69S
    1983 R65
    1986 FJ1200 (I just *hated* it, and sold it 13 days later)
    1988 K75S
    1996 R1100RSL

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    You are a BMW commercial.

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    Santa Cruz CA
    David Brick
    Santa Cruz CA
    2007 R1200R

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    Santa Cruz
    1966 Honda S90
    1968 Yamaha DT1 250
    1970 Honda CB450
    1974 Honda CB550 4
    1970 Yamaha 650
    1976 Honda 750 F
    1980 Honda CX 500
    1996 BMW R1100RS
    1999 BMW R1100S
    1994 Honda 750 VFR
    1974 Norton Commando, still own
    2001 BMW R1150GS, still own
    2001 KTM 640 Adventure, still own

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    Surf City, USA (Santa Cruz, CA)
    1981 BMW R65
    1985 BMW R80
    1994 BMW R1100RS
    1961 BMW R60/2
    1975 BMW R90S
    1941 BMW R12
    1953 BMW R51/3
    2002 BMW R1150RS

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    In order of purchase (as best I can remember, anyway):

    196x Honda 50 step-through
    1976 Puch Maxi
    1972 Yamaha CS3 200
    1973 Yamaha RD350
    1975 Yamaha RD350
    1977 Yamaha XS400
    1976 Yamaha RD400
    1981 Yamaha Seca 550
    1982 Yamaha XJ650
    1985 Yamaha FJ1100
    1997 BMW R1100RT
    1999 BMW R1100RT
    2000 BMW R1150GS (still own)
    1999 Triumph Speed Triple
    2000 BMW K1200LT
    2002 BMW R1150RT (still own)
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    Grayslake, Illinois
    In order: (roughly)

    Yamaha 125 twin
    My first bike in 1968. Like the "twin jet", but with a tube frame.

    Honda CB160

    Suzuki 250 X6 Hustler
    Actually my brothers, but I rode it way more than he did. (sometimes with his permission )

    Harley Davidson Sportster.
    An early sixties model, it had the shift lever on the right.

    Yamaha 125
    A baby DT1, my introduction to dirt bikes.

    Maico 250.
    An antique, I think it was about a 1954 model.

    Bultaco 125 "Sherpa S"
    My introduction to moto-cross, a really fun bike. Gracias Senor Bulto!

    Yamaha 250 MX
    The first of two years between the DT1 and the YZ.

    CZ 250
    A nightmare to keep running, had more DNFs than finishes. (dang commie bike)

    Honda 250 Elsinore.
    Didn't corner like the CZ, but nicer in the whoopdies, and I finished every race I entered.

    Honda XL 350 "thumper"

    Honda 750 "four"

    BMW R65, 1982

    Honda Ace Tour
    Thought I'd try something different, rode a short time then returned to conventional riding style. Nice bike, though.

    BMW K1100LT, 1994

    BMW R1100RT, 1999

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    Left Coast Canada
    1970 Bonneville in 1971.Someone stole it.

    1968(?) Honda Dream,305 twin;or was that called a Super Hawk?Very powerful and durable.It looked like a pony.

    GF had a kawi 350 triple,ring a ding.Nice little bike.

    kawi 650(borrowed).

    Moved to BC,Honda CB 650 went like stink in a straight line but had an alrming shimmy in the curves.

    Honda XL 250.Gave it to my son.Someone stole it from him!!

    1971 R75/5,1994 to 2000.Had to make way for my present ride,1984 R100RT.

    I also have a 1978 Kawi KZ 1000,intact but not running.

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    North Royalton, OH
    1966 Harley 65cc(looked like a girls bike)
    1970 Yamaha mini enduro
    1969 Kawasaki 90
    1972 Kawasaki 90
    1970 DKW 125
    1975 Hodaka 125
    1977 Honda 400
    1979 Honda 750-4
    1976 Triumph 750
    1980 Yamaha YZ 125
    1983 Suzuki PE 185
    1995 Triumph 900
    2002 Yamaha V-MAX
    2003 BMW k1200 LTE

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    Geez, I feel like such an under achiever looking at those long lists of bikes some of you have owned. I've been riding street bikes for 21 years and have only owned three. My first was a 1975 Honda CB500T. I rode that one for about a year and a half. Then I got my first job that paid well, so the first thing I did was buy a brand new Honda V45 Sabre with the HondaLine Sport Fairing. I later added the hard cases to it. I rode that bike for 11 years totalling over 80,000 Km. Thats when my buddy decided to sell his 94 R1100RS which he bought new and had only ridden 6000 Km. I had always wanted to have a BMW, so I jumped at the opportunity. Prior to the new Oilhead engine, my favour had always fallen to the K bikes. I had really wanted a K75s, but had never had the funds to buy one. I had ridden this RS once the year before (I think he was trying to set the hook, knowing he wanted to sell it) so I new I liked it. It was just three years old then and just bairly still under warranty. I am still riding it and it now has 85,000 km. I don't plan to replace it any time soon either. I'm more of a buy and hold type.

    Of course these are only the street bikes that I've owned. My youth was dedicated to several motorcyle like contraptions. I had a couple of those litlle kit mini bikes that used a Briggs & Scrap-iron engine. I graduated from those up to a Suzuki 50cc two stroke trail bike (can't recall the model now). It was a bad trade. I finally got it running, but soon discovered the oil injector was non functional. The motor stuck on my first ride My next bike was actually a Honda ATV, back when they only had three wheels (amazing that I lived to tell about it riding such a dangerous thing). That was the last of the off road variety that I owned, but I put many hours in riding (crashing) my dad's Honda XL 80 as well.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
    2008 K1200GT, 2019 F850GSA

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