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Thread: Isle of Man TT DVD

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    Post Isle of Man TT DVD

    Heres something I found while surfing around. Many of you will remember reading the articles that this guy wrote for Motorcyclist. I think they were among my favorite motorcycle articles from this whole year. Now he has this video out.
    I am in no way affiliated with this product, and I haven't bought it yet, so don't blame me if it sucks!

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    Yep, I too enjoyed those two stories in Motorcyclist. I ordered the DVD yesterday. I hear it's great . . .

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    Check out the trailer!

    Very cool, but those stone walls look like they don't give much if you slide into them.

    Fun to watch, but I don't have the giant cahoongies required to do that!

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    We went to the Isle in 99. It looks scary on TV and in videos, but it's even more frightening when you're standing in someone's front garden (front yard) and a bike is ripping by you at 180mph. We were in a front garden of a house at Ago's leap. The bikes are at pretty much full throttle coming up the hill and are running about 160 to 180mph. When they hit Ago's leap, which is really just a little rise in the pavement, they stand up on the rear wheel with the front about shoulder high.

    Truly impressive.

    Friday of the week, when they run the Senior TT (the Big Show) is a Bank Holiday. Most of the island stays home and watches the races. It's an amazing event.
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