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Thread: "German" V2 Triplex Flashlight

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    "German" V2 Triplex Flashlight

    You may have seen these advertised in many MC magazines lately, for $39.95

    Well, in a moment of absent-mindedness, I lost my danged Maglite *and* my Leatherman Wave on a recent trip.

    I've been seeing these ads, and saying "$40 for a flashlight" ???

    OK, it's *german*, so I put my blinders on and goose-stepped up to the phone to order.

    First, the price had been reduced to $35, but with Shipping & Handling, it was still $43.

    It came in the mail yesterday... and the first thing I see is "Made in China" on the package. Kee-ripes.

    Reading the ad more closely, the LED circuits are "German-Patented"... so I guess this is the basis for the advertisements claim. IMO this is a misleading claim. Caveat Emptor.

    The thing is bright, with a bluish-white LED glow. It will take me years to find out whether the batteries (3 N-type, ~$9 to replace) will last for the advertised 72 hours.

    It is built well, but it is not waterproof, as Maglites supposedly are
    (mine wasn't...)

    The nylon carrier features a cover flap to keep the thing from slipping out... something my Maglite did chronically. Unfortunately, you can't adjust the beam from wide to spot... something I found quite useful with the Maglite.

    In looking at the package, the thing is sold by Coast Cutlery of Portland Oregon. And going through their site, and clicking the order button, I learn that they thing is available for $10 less. (don't know about S&H) You must register to buy, and I didn't feel like doing this. is a direct link to the product in case you're interested in getting or giving a cool gadget gift, and saving some hard-earned money.

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    The "INOVA 24/7" is my new MC flashlight.Inova

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    I saw this same flashlight at Target last weekend. It was in the electronics section near the GPS units.

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