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Thread: Interesting helmet design

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    Interesting helmet design

    Friend of mine found this website, shows some of the latest things on the market. Found this helmet, that has mirrors build into it, so you look at the mirror, and see what exactly behind you, where most motorcycle mirrors can't see. Thought it was kind of interesting.

    direct link to the dealer

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    Have they gotten DOT approval yet. They make bicycle helmets also. Neat idea.

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    It is a neat idea. Bicyclist have been using mirrors that attach to the helmet or to their glasses for years. They work very well. I like them better than handlebar mounted mirrors.

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    Another distraction - Just go faster than everyone else and focus on the real threat between 10 and 2 to your front (12:00 being straight) only 3.2% of motorcycle crashes are from behind and seeing it coming any better than you already can would only scare the crap out of me. JMHO but then again I don't ride one of those bikes that have piss poor mirrors on them.
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    Not trying to hijack the thread, but I saw this one today and thought it interesting.........

    It's an old Shuberth "golf ball" helmet for sale on eBay.

    (The image is linked to eBay, so it may disappear)
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    Nicola from Reevu told me that they are hoping to have approval by the end of the year but that sometimes these things can take time. They are supposed to get in touch with me when they get approval to talk about US sales.

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    Interesting helmet design

    Can't wait to see the price on that one! My credit card gets warm just thinking about it. However, I like the concept. The rear view mirrors on the new RTs are lacking field of vision.


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