that maybe it's time to quit for the year? Last Thursday rode the K to work, high in mid-30's, relatively nice day. After work went to the shop, figured it was now or never to road-test a customer's bike(post repairs). LAter on a customer drops off 2 sleds. When it's time to close I go to drag the sleds in and there's this white stuff, resembling powdered sugar, on the sleds and the ground. No worries, just that the roads glistens on the way home.

Took the K for a ride to the shop on Saturday, via a 100-mile detour to the dealer to order up some tune-up parts for the Airhead. Leaving about 8:30am the temp was a balmy 18F. Finally warmed up to mid-30's later in the day. Finished up with an oil change and topped off the tank.

Yesterday (Sunday), was too nice to pass up, low-40's, cranked up the Honda, since it hadn't moved in over a month. Good times were had.

This morning the weather liars reported temps in mid-30's. Cranked up the Airhead, pretty nice ride to the plant. Through the checkpoint (don't ask), approaching "the curves", and have to brake for another Jane Doe in the road. Missed her, but the bike felt "funny". Put down one foot to feel the road and it was slicker than snot on a kid's lip. Strange how wooded areas do that. Managed to make it upright to the shoulder for some traction, then on to the parking lot. Needless to say, I was plenty awake when I got here. Of course I still get the strange looks and remarks from people about riding in cooler weather. My reply, "People ride snowmobiles, don't they?" usually met with open mouths.

Ride safe, and Happy Holidays to all. Is it time to go home yet?