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Thread: Schubert Concept Breath Guard

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    I use the anti fog spray on an HJC and the Fog City inserts on two others and they work great without having to open the visor. Just can't stand the cold draught of 20 - 30 degree air just because of

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    Breath guard

    Brushing and flossing regularly help greatly. Oh....that sort of helmet breath guard.....never mind.

    Just back from a lovely invigorating ride as the sun sets slowly over the Mid Hudson Valley. Watch for those ice patches.

    Ride fast safely

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    There was a new address and vendor for Schuberth helmets just posted a few days ago. They should know where to get it. Anyone still have the post handy?

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    Schubert in CA

    I tried calling Schubert and no one picked up the phone.

    In rain, I keep the vents open, but as everyone knows, that when you stop, and no air is coming in, it starts to fog. Well, during this time, I'd open the visor a bit, while stopped, i.e. at lights etc., water comes in.

    I need to ride with an umbrella, so while stopped, use it to avoid water falling into the helmet

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    I recently purchased the S1 with the Pin-lok visor. I'm pretty sure it is literally impossible to fog up in any condition. I've had the neck area sealed off with the visor shut tight and 25F with no fogging - at all. I also ride in rain w/ the visor shut. The Schuberth nose guard did not help me (w/o Pin-lok). I think you would have to have about a 2" nose extension from your face to have it work.

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