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Thread: Slick, sliding pants

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    Quote Originally Posted by glwestcott
    An Alaska leather sheepskin.
    I found quite the opposite. I ride with well-broken-in leather pants on my R1150R, and after I installed an Alaska sheepskin, I was sliding all over. I figure it might be the lanolin in the wool.


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    Sit a little higher, don't slide

    Try an Allyn Air Seat. It is a heavy duty air mattress made to fit a motorcycle seat and you can inflate it to get the ride you want. They have a tubular construction which helps limit fore and aft movement. They attach with ties under the seat. A pretty basic concept made of heavy vinyl and sells for around $40, depending on size. Dennis Kirk sold them in the early 80's, but no longer. I recently ordered one direct from the manufacturer located in Woodstock, NY.
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    Armorall is part of problem

    Quote Originally Posted by Ridealot
    This might not be your problem but its one thing I learned the hard way years ago. Never put Armorall on the seat. Back when I raced Flattrack my Dad had Armoralled the seat. Made the bike seat look great, but it was slicker than snot. I found this out at the starting line about 1/2 second after I dumped the clutch. It is not easy to shut the throttle when you are rapidly sliding off the back of the seat!
    Especially when I can stay on the thing.
    Yikes, you are correct. the new pants & Armorall were applied to the seat in same week. I'll not be using anything like it again. Will also be looking for a way to add or change basic desing of seat


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    Plase Don't Hit On Armorall

    That stuff was responsible for my getting VERY intimate with my old /5 steering head the first time I hit the brakes after applying it to the seat. Yep to this day I cringe at being recognized as the clown that slid over his gas tank in a panic stop.
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    I think years ago Paul Simon had a BMW and had the same problem. He wrote a song about it called, "Slick sliding away".
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