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Thread: Master Reset on Navigator III (Garmin 2720)

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    Master Reset on Navigator III (Garmin 2720)

    If you find that your BMW Motorrad Navigator III (Garmin 2720 with proprietary mount) sustains damage to the firmware, a master reset is required.

    I found that two of the four mileage logs were damaged as follows: they both read "999999"; could not be turned off, and would not change;the names I had assigned disappeared, and nothing associated with them could be changed.

    Garmin tech support told me to try a master reset, which basically consists of turning the unit off, then turning it back on while holding down the middle two buttons (Menu and Map) on the right side of the unit, until the first screen appears. If it doesn't work, try it again, and hold the buttons down a little longer after you see the first screen.
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