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    Let's see.... '07 RRT

    maybe those knee-high patent leather boots the cops that's Goldwing riders.
    I wear Prexport for a few years now and like them best after 15 years of riding BMWs.

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    Or, if like me, color is important, you could try these weatherproof boots:

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    I need boots, prefer a higher....

    Boots are quite a personal item when it comes to motorcycling. It seems your feet, back and face (if you dont wear a full face) seem to take it the hardest.

    Unfortunately, my feet don't come in metric sizes. I've tried Sidi and some of the others. Depending on the need and style they can be very good boots. Fortunately for me, I live in a state where it seems at times there is a boot store on every corner. I opt to go to a local boot store, etc. and get a pair of lace ups. I usually spray them with a waterproofing material used for a tent. The spray will not waterproof the boots but makes them more water resistant. The amount of water that gets in doesn't bother me. If it's still a concern, you can always get a pair of gaiters.

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    For closure on this thread I went with a pair of BMW Santiago's. Nice boot.

    Thanks to everyone who took the time to kick in their .02.



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    Rocky boots

    After years of wearing them on the street, I decided to wear these boots on my bike with no complaints.
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    I purchased a pair of BMW Contour's about a year ago and absolutely love them. They are very comfortable and give alot of protection in the front. They may be alittle pricey but are very worth it. They actually feel like bedroom slippers when broke in. Can't go wrong with either BMW or SIDI.

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    Boots and a new R1200RT - You Lucky dog!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got my boots from my local BMW dealer - your basic boot that doesn't go quite 1/2 way up the calf, but with the Aerostich gear, I feel well protected. Whatever you do, be sure there are no zippers or buckles exposed while you ride! Good luck with your new R1200RT........I have an '05 - my first (an only) bike and I enjoy the heck out of it. I also bought the Aerostich Darien Jacket with matching pants (use these for the late spring, summer and early fall). I also got thier Roadcrafter for the winter months (I live up state NY). I added those under armour cold / heat gear as the first shirt layer I wear and have always been comfortable regardless of the sometimes below 20 degrees I ride in over the cold months. Love those heated grips not to mention the adjustable wind screen. You can adjust it just enough to have the wind off you but still look over the top of it while riding (I don't like looking through the wind screen to ride). Will you go to West Bend, WI in July? if so..........see ya there..........................Frank

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    Quote Originally Posted by wezul View Post
    Hey Folks!

    I'm waiting on a '07 R1200RT and I'm still gearing up. I have purchased an Aerostich Darien with the windproof Kenetsu electric, so I think I'm good up top (with the weather here outside Chicago, I think I'll need it, looking to be an instant rounder).

    I've been following the thread on winter gloves so I'm good with that info (did I mention how helpful/wonderful this forum is, aren't we fortunate to have such a great resource?).

    Here's my question:
    I need boots, prefer a higher boot style, mid-calf, ya know? Kick me (no pun intended, ok pun intended!) your preferences, likes, dislikes. I would appreciate your input greatly as I imagine I shall be getting the call from my dealer shortly . . . container ship sat at Portsmouth, Va for almost 10 days past dock date . . I'm excited, weather is not cooperating but there's always the January thaw, right?

    Thanks for your help, enjoy your holidays

    I have not found motorcycle specific boots I like for cold weather riding. My Sidi On Road and Sidi Thunder boots are great for normal riding. But they fit my feet which means if I try to layer extra socks the boots are too tight and defeat the attempt at extra insulation.

    I bought a pair of thinsulite lined hiking boots one size larger than normal. That provides the thinsulite plus room for an extra pair of socks with a loose fit and dead air space. They work well when it is cold.

    You could do the same thing with motorcycle specific boots a size larger than normal but wouldn't get the thinsulite lining. And, then they would be too big in the summer.
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    In the really cold temps I can wear sock liners and a pair of hike socks, and a heat patch (the chemical reaction heat patches) that I place by my ankle wherever the most obvious veins are. I will not place one of these things on skin but on top of socks they keep the real chill off foe some time. A friend places these across his socks on top of his toes and claims they work well.

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    My thoughts on the best boots -- I have never owned a pair of "motorcycle" boots, but where I live in the mountains of WV is boot country for certain.
    Over the past 30 years or so of searching for the perfect boot, I prefer Danner boots. I like the ones which are leather and fabric with a Vibram lugged sole and 200-600 grams of Thinsulate. Gore-Tex, of course, and lace to toe. Cabela's sells them under the Danner name, and an apparently identical model, cheaper, under Cabela's name. I wore them every hunting season, every time I cut firewood, and to every football game in cold weather, as well as clearing snow or camping in wet weather. Ground hog hunts, too. I took good care of them, and finally wore them out after 13 years, but they still didn't leak. Not even in a driving rainstorm for hours on motorcycle trips. Bet you can't get that kind of versatility from a motorcycle boot. (You can live in your car, but you can't drive your house.)
    Other brands I"ve tried are Rocky (they're OK, but just OK) Herman (they leaked), Wolverine (leaked), and a couple of other brands. Never tried Brownings or Irish Setters or Chippewas.
    Danners, in my opinion, don't look bulky like lots of hunting boots look, and they don't give your feet a "clumsy and thick" feel either, which is a pain when shifting and braking. Not too hot in summer - more than 600 grams of Thinsulate probably would be for me. They fit the best for my size 13 feet, come up about 8 inches, have speed laces from the ankle up, and accomodate a warmer mid-weight sock for winter. Very little break-in time, I might add.
    If you don't like the cordovan and tan color combination, well . . . I think they also come in black. Maybe I'm missing something by not having tried a pair of motorcycle boots, but Danners are comfortable all day, working on your feet.
    Disadvantages? Only two - They don't look like motorcycle boots, but I don't care. And, they are slow to take off when you are doing a "rain dance" on the side of the road while attempting to put on your FroggTogg pants. (I wish they would lengthen the zippers on those things for the people who don't wear size 10 or less!)
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    I have the aerostitch combat lites and love them . They are made by SIDI and design and quality are great, however they keep your feet too warm in the summer and too cold when the temperature drops.

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    Although they are getting a bit dated, I still love the Sidi On-Road. I've found them to be very good in wet conditions, and for the past 7 years they have held up very well. I also like the classic "Mad-Max" look when worn outside the leathers. I plan to buy a new pair this year. For warmer riding, I like the Sidi Scorpion, and usually pack them for trips for use after I've reached my destination for comfort and convienience.



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    I have been very happy with my BMW Goretex boots. The only regret I have is that I did not buy 2 pairs when they were on clearance at $77 a pair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by screwtop View Post
    Although they are getting a bit dated, I still love the Sidi On-Road. I've found them to be very good in wet conditions, and for the past 7 years they have held up very well. I also like the classic "Mad-Max" look when worn outside the leathers. I plan to buy a new pair this year. For warmer riding, I like the Sidi Scorpion, and usually pack them for trips for use after I've reached my destination for comfort and convienience.



    I like my Onroads too. They have NEVER leaked a drop. I noiticed they have been updated with "Goretex" and ankle pucks this year. Maybe still dated but "updated."
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