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Thread: Silicone in Handlebars?

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    Silicone in Handlebars?

    I pulled my handlebars so I could run some wires through them for a new set of handlebar heaters and I found the whole center section is filled with silicone. I presume this was done by the previous owner to dampen vibration.

    How the heck do I get it out and should I put more back in when I'm done? I'd never heard of this before.

    Bike is a 1988 R100RS.

    '02 R1150R
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    Sillicone is very tough to get out of anything unless you soak it in a release solvent for it. Unfortunately that act may take the wires out too. There are fairly inert substances out now designed for removing body molding adhesives and other tough to remove glues and sealants such as this one:

    and this is gaining popularity in the auto market where car makers are increasing the size of moldings etc.

    Otherwise a quick Google yielded this and it may be a better solution (pun intended) too for your purpose:

    A solvent developed by PROSOCO is said to "digest" the cured silicone

    Dicone NC9

    Description and use

    Dicone NC9 is a specially formulated silicone "digestant", for
    removing silicone-based sealants and adhesives, cured silicone
    elastomers and silicone water repellent overspray. Dicone NC9 utilizes
    new solvent technology to dissolve cured silicone resins and polymers
    with a non-flammable, non-chlorinated and non-aromatic cleaning
    solution. Safer and more efficient than chlorinated or aromatic
    solvents or caustic solutions normally used for these applications."

    It appears from the PROSOCO website, that they are an industrial
    supplier. If you are serous about cleaning the cured silicone
    completely (which you would want to do before attempting repair since
    new silicone will not stick to old silicone), you may wish to call
    PROSOCO to see if you can wangle a sample from them. Very often these
    "new" cleaners are citric products which are increasingly used as
    "poor" substitutes for the real stuff (toluene, acetone, MEK, etc.)
    for cleaning up. You can reach PROSOCO at (800) 255-4255

    Here is the link for the Dicone itself:{F6DF7CD4-4A03-4D4F-A490-19E68FC6CFA4}

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    Silicone handlebars

    You have the special edition "Pam Anderson" handlebars. Put them on Ebay and buy new plain ones for yourself.

    Ride fast safely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friedle
    You have the special edition "Pam Anderson" handlebars. Put them on Ebay and buy new plain ones for yourself.

    +1 It would be easier to start over.

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