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Thread: more signs

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    Great road, the Bride and I were just out that way a few weeks ago,took 261 on the way to Torrey,UT. What your looking down on is Monument Valley. To bad you didn't have the wide angle lens on as you wouldn't believe the view. If you look closely at the pic, you'll see a dirt road connect to the pavement, thats Valley of the Gods road.We took that road with a fully loaded 01RT, 2up and teaching my wife about riding in the dirt. Lotsa wash-outs and a wee bit rocky but TONS of fun.had the Rt bottoming out a few times and loving ever second of it. If your ever in the area, you just gotta check it out, the views are amazing to say the least, and the view from the top of 261 are also great.
    As soon as I can figure out this scanner, I'll post some pic's of Valley of the Gods road.
    Enjoy The Day.......

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    From northern Arkansas:

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    Originally posted by widebmw
    View from the top
    Thanks for the memories. I drove that road several years ago on my Virago. It is a very exciting climb, your attention wants to be looking at the view but the road jealously demands your attention.

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    A sign that never made the "grade"....

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    Sign you don't want to see: four bikes were riding Hwy 93 between Ely and Wells, NV, time for a fuel stop, but we couldn't seem to find anyone in town?
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    Bicaz Gorge, Romania, September 2003
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    Originally posted by Chuck
    Bicaz Gorge, Romania, September 2003

    Outstanding first post!
    Dave Swider
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    Originally posted by KBasa

    Outstanding first post!
    Good morning Mr. Kbasa!

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