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Thread: To WI from the southeast

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    I-80 is done.

    And nicely I might add. Nothing more than the normal delays - unless you are counting today's lake effect blizzard down there.

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    Philadelphia to Calgary

    I came through there a couple times last summer and it was pretty well all completed... Look in the rearview mirror as you cross into ILL and see the BIG welcome to Indiana sign... how come there is not a BIG welcome to IL sign?

    It was pretty smooth sailing....

    Tom Anspach Winamac, IN

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    I 80

    Thanks guys. When I was doing the preliminary route plan, this section looked to be the most serious potential choke point.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rinty View Post
    I may be bringing a car from Philadelphia to Calgary in a few months, and I was wondering how much of a potential problem I 80 would be in the Gary area, and in the area south of Chicago.

    Should I just avoid the whole area and go through Indianapolis?

    I would want to stay on the slab for as much of the route as possible, and I don't mind paying tolls.


    Let me know your schedule I might just buy you lunch. There is some traffic stuff going on, but it is not bad at all.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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